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I create apps for the web & handhelds. Strongly opinionated.

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Kinda crazy how much space a Mastodon instance uses. It’s really stupid. After around a week, it’s 26GB of media… it would be fine if it was actual media on that instance for the user, but it’s not.

Oh, and I think I made a decision about what project I'll work on. Will think about it over the weekend. Might not be on the list either 😋 Or maybe it will... or maybe not 😜

Think I chose my word for 2023 already.

Just past 2AM. Still doing chores. Current task, kitchen.

"Your year in Music" - I know a lot of you find them enjoyable. Personally I don't get it. It's also not a year. More like 11 months, and what's with the rest of the year? Why not end of year for this?

Apple Music is promoting it everywhere (urghhh), but it's just a website? Nothing native I can use in the app? But it loads Apple Music on the web? I don't know. Not convinced. I haven't actually loaded it up, so I'm probably talking a lot of 💩

I do like the "replay" lists. I think they hit the spot. You don't need to sugar coat shit for me on my listening habits - who cares? I don't. I just listen in the moment. Meh, look at me moan-bor-ing.

I really don't understand the need to gamify this stuff.

Can it be hidden? Nope. Now to wait a month so it disappears.

If you use ( and want to help test a "on-the-side" app that I have resurrected, here is the TestFlight link for iOS. It's called Status++.

If anyone comes across Tapbots Ivory TestFlight beta link that isn’t full, please share with… ONLY ME. Thank you ✌️❤️

Just pushed out a little update to Status++. This one re-enables the ability to get push notifications. I was working on the web app last night to make that happen 😋 Plus some other goodies in this release, which you can find in the test notes. More soon.

🐦 I can hear birds chirping. Time to go to bed. Coding consumed me again 😅

Bedtime cancelled. Waiting for my wife to do her bits (and finish her TV show), so we can drift off together ❤️

🛏 Bed. Again. Earlier today than the usual 3AM. Trying to reset my clock.

Another observation at the dentist… the lights seem to flicker. Hard to notice, but certainly there if you look for it. That’s gotta be bad for your eyes and head in the long run.

Seems ROFL is winning. I’ll decide at sunrise tomorrow. Have your say. I’m all ears ✌️❤️😋

Waiting at the dentist. One of the Sonos speakers it out of sync. Annoying.

My December project? Help me choose.

So it's the 1st of December. And I'm feeling super inspired by Adam's Advent Calendar over at I'm certainly not as cool on the internet as he is, but it got me thinking about some projects I have been thinking about all year, and past years too (and one new one).

To throw into the mix, I've made some progress with a Gluon update that I want to ship before Crimbo. Then I also resurrected my little app for, Status, but that will not be my priority at all - I just wanted it back.

Then there are client projects, that I am grateful for, like (reckon that'll keep me quite busy this month 😜) and another for a client in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️

Recently I launched, a super simple way to embed stuff you love and want to shout out about on your website (check my sidebar for a live demo 🤪). It's been well received and I love getting the nice feedback! It's far from done and I have one more big feature I want to add to it. I actually copied what I did for Sublime Ads, but kept it super duper simple and fresh. I have plans for Sublime Ads, but not until next year.

Now I need help though deciding what I should work on next, and forgive me for brevity here, I don't want to overpromise anything.

My plan is to work on the chosen project on a daily basis where able, perhaps as little as just one hour per day if client work allows. Client works is paid work, and I should really prioritise it.

So, please tell me what you want me to work/concentrate on:

  • ROFL - An app built for all things Focusing on Status updates and Weblogs (when available), plus all the other many things.
  • Scribbles - My take on HEY World and/or Substack, just way nicer, simpler and cooler (because I made it). I do have a list in my head on what I want out of Scribbles, but not ready to share.
  • Dev Central - A central place for developers to keep hosted change logs, status messages for in-app functionality, and basic stats, including some sort of Helpdesk. I would do module by module over the course of a year and keep adding to it.

I'm leaning towards the first two... so please let me know.

Planning on blogging as usual about these.