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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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Seen it in the news today, so I’m giving Tidal a go for music listening.

We said "yes" to a school for our daughter. At least that is one MASSIVE weight off our shoulders. Now I can concentrate on work again. So much less to worry about.

Last night I ordered a physical book. So proud.

Go Arizona! Now we need the EU to get on with it and do something similar. But with the EU it’s like watching Apple… it’s so bloody SLOW.

Coffee. Kid is up. Breakfast has been eaten. Soon the shower calls. Then we go and see another school for our daughter. I am tired, not sure if I’ll be able to keep my eyes open. Kinda reminds me of going to school.

DNSimple is having outages, so if you’re using… it won’t work.

Last week in Kraków — walked past the office of CD Projekt Red — you know, those people that made the Witcher games and Cyberpunk etc (I never played them). Nice building and nice location… apartments above too.

🎙 #26 - I'm only one person

Abstract Development

I know I know, it's a week too late... but here you go.

Oh my, recorded 3 times to make this episode. I give you a small peek into what I was talking about in those unreleased episodes...

Sublime Ads is launched and that means a huge weight has lifted off my shoulder allowing me to get going with other things.

Client work is coming in and I'm trying to find time to make other plans go forward.

HEY for Work is great. That's all I'm gonna say.

Did I mention the Apple documentation is bad? Nope? Well... it is. I talk myself into something LIVE on the podcast, as I talk. Internal conflict galore!

I may or may not be talking about SwiftUI.

Recorded Feb 22nd, 2021.

FYI: Gluon 2021.1 has now shipped for iOS 🥳


00:00 - 02:17 Hello & Intro. Trying to get this to recorded.
02:17 - 03:04 A huge weight lifted off my shoulder.
03:04 - 03:20 Gluon update update.
03:20 - 06:24 TIME, Client, work, HEY for Work.
06:24 - 15:00 More... Gluon! Internal conflict about something.
15:00 - 16:38 This one is for maique.
16:38 - END On the road, see you next time.


Duration: 00:19:25

I know it’s a week late… but I managed to re-edit my last podcast episode. Seems it was an issue with Forecast. Had the same issue as last time, but this time I made a duplicate before I encoded it.

Alright, some self promotion. Just in case you missed it… a new update to Gluon is out for iOS (version 2021.1). And if you’re wondering to see what it looks like in the wild… here you go, have a look at the Discover screen:

Don’t mind me… just rocking out with some tunes!

Georgy Porgy — Toto. What a tune. Wish I had hair like that.

Gluon — iOS 2021.1 update now available.

They say you should ship software on a Monday, and here we are... I did! Now technically it's Tuesday as I write this. ANYWAY!

I'm super happy to announce the first update to hit your fruity phones for this year, and don't worry Android is coming soon too!

This release has mainly concentrated on the Discover screen, including some bugs. There are always bugs... always will be!

So here goes:

And that's it everyone. Super excited that I got this out for you. I hope you enjoy it and hope it doesn't mess things up for you haha.

As always, thanks so much to everyone that has been following along and gave me feedback. You're the best ✌️❤️

If you want to get your podcast or other interesting thing into the Discover Promoted Content section, let me know: [email protected].

You'll need to be active on and preferably not a big business (because they usually ruin the world... I mean just look at Appl... I mean the EMPIRE... I mean... damn... you know what I mean!).

Gluon 2021.1 for iOS was in review for… 3 minutes! The empire works fast!

What next?

It's been one of those weeks where I'm thinking about what is next. I usually set myself a target for the year... try something new.

Unusually, this year I am having problems with setting anything. Perhaps it has to do with certain other things going on - although I see normality return to every day life at some stage soon.

In a way I feel a little lost.

We have our daughter starting school this year, and we certainly need to cater to her needs. We need to make sure she is happy.

However we are a bit torn of the "where". If certain things didn't happen we would have a clear picture. We would move to Kraków for sure. But now we don't know. Do we stay where we are? Do we move to another country (Sweden, Norway, New Zealand)?

I remind myself that we should continue with what we planned all along. So we are trying to think that way. I did fall out with the idea living in the middle of a busy city though. I prefer the countryside.

Next up is my work. I have plenty of client work. I also have plenty of personal projects: Gluon, Sublime Ads and whatever else I fancy.

Gluon made more money than my last app on iOS combined. And I don't even offer in-app purchases. It's just through the kindness from everyone!

Then there is Sublime Ads. It's working for me and I love it. I can see it going places perhaps one day. That's my hope anyway. I had one sign up since launch, and erm... one account deletion. So back to zero. And you know that's fine.

But now I'm thinking what is next here also.

I do have a few ideas for this year, but I think I know what I'm going to settle on. I'll certainly concentrate on a smaller new project this year, instead of the bigger one I thought I would do. Call it a hunch.

Next I want to double down with what I have already. Gluon. It deserves love.

Anyway, just thinking out loud... get it out on "paper".

I still have no clue. So many questions. So many variables.

I think that we just take it as it goes this year... small changes instead of big (the move will be the biggest thing).

At the end of the day I need to make sure the family is OK... and also my mental health to do what I want without burning out.

Damn... I'm still rambling.

It looks so pretty!

Hey, World! … DAMN.

Wow, OK, so HEY launched something called HEY World. Which, as it seems, is a real simple blogging platform, that is basically just you writing an email and sending it to a special address. That in turn gets published.

It's super simple, has an RSS feed per profile and also allows you to sign up via email - to receive updates when someone writes a new post.

This all happened this week as I was on my way.

I really love the idea, and what depresses me the MOST is that I planned, and registered a domain, mid last year for something incredibly similar (June 15th!).

I have always seen a need for something simple, without you having to have your own blog. Just something for you to write and get it out there. The name I chose was "Sublime Thoughts"...


Here is the announcement post from HEY.

Now, I am not put off by this in any way... because I have my own angle on it. But it's a shame in a way... but I will not focus on the negative. I can't do everything, I am only one person.

Anyway, if you are using HEY Personal and once they open it up, it seems like a great idea.

Back at home. Terrible 2 hour drive back because everyone decide to burn wood, so we basically inhaled all of it. (Should be illegal!!!). Headache. Beer now to remove stress 🍺

Kraków is noisy…

😞So I edited my podcast episode, wanted to convert it… and now… it’s corrupt 😭 Damn. I have to do it again… but I don’t have time today. The original is intact, but the edited version is totally borked.