Vincent Ritter

Hello, I'm Vincent. I'm a dad, husband, geek and an independent software engineer. Check out the apps I make, personal ventures I'm currently pursuing, websites I worked on and other things like my blog posts and thoughts, my micro blog. There is also a now page, to keep me in check on what I'm working on right now.

I've been under a mountain of work since end of May. Over 2500 commits over several projects. 1 project alone near the 2000 mark. Last week has been quieter than the usual crazy routine, was sort of lost what to do. However, happy to move on to other exciting things now.

I don't use Chrome, so a friend invited me to check out the new look. I'm not sure what they are thinking, but I'm definitely not a fan of interfaces that were designed by/for kids. Looks really out of place.

I've been working on a big React Native project for both iOS and Android the past couple of months, and I have to say that I'm seriously disappointed at both RN's "release" status for Android and Android in general. RN's support for Android should really be labeled Alpha, and Android is not nice to work with at all.

The iOS eco system is just so much more mature. I actually thank Apple for having it so tightly locked down. TestFlight is a god send compared to what you can do on Android (there are probably a million ways to do it - like installing the APK from a URL - but still there seem to be too many ways and apps to do basic things). Android should fundamentally change from ground up. It feels years behind of iOS.

During this big project I also managed to give up on coffee. Two weeks of "withdrawal" migraines was totally worth it! It's funny, but my ability to stay awake when I need to for some crazy deadline has become easier and I feel more alert during the day. Not to mention getting better rest. On the weekend I have a small cup of coffee, but that's it. The smell/aroma of coffee still remains lush.

1001 commits and counting for a client project. Now you know why I've been so quiet here. Excited to wrap it up in the next few weeks though (the initial project anyway). It's really special and I'm really proud of the work.

Haven't touched coffee and/or caffeine since Friday last week. The migraines were really bad and have finally lifted today. I'm actually starting to feel really good.

Trying out not to drink coffee today. The headache is terrible... The human body sure is strong willed when it wants something.

I'm right handed and I always wore a watch on the right side. With the Apple Watch I had it always on the left wrist for some reason. Today I switched. Let's see how it goes. Sure feels wrong...

Apple News follow-up: I found a setting in Settings that restricts stories in the today view to only channels you follow. Now just to get rid of Spotlight (wishful)...

I really like the Apple News app... it's just a huge shame I can't stop the recommendation part. I just want news from whom I follow and nothing else. I don't care about football, or other outlets... Is that so hard to ask for? Spotlight... can I not turn it off? Would be such a great app if you could tweak it a little.

Upgraded to a new phone. Lost 4 days worth of Activity data in the process. Weird. Random. Frustrating. Not the end of the world though.

Felt inspired by Dark Mode in Mojave so I updated my dark mode on my site. Also fixed the background colour issue - although I think that is just a plain Safari bug of some sort.