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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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I was getting confused with trying to use a computed property in Swift and SwiftUI. The preview in Xcode didn’t update and gave me errors (which is another strange pain point to try and work out). Works on the actual simulator though...

How do you feel about “Pull to Refresh”? Is it something you need? Is it something that should come standard? Do you find it addictive? Would you prefer things to load as you navigate to a screen/section of an app? Let me know… asking for a friend.

Humble beginnings… again 😅

Does anyone have experience with having a second app, for dev purpose only, available via TestFlight?

I’m creating a dev version of Gluon for the rebuild as I want to avoid interruption to any bug fixes to the current live app. Is it frowned upon by Apple?

Yes… totally made a start on the new “Apple’verse" version of Gluon!

I bought Sim Genie yesterday… whilst most of it is beyond what I need… the Push Notification feature is worth every single penny!

Remember my other app “Status for”? Kinda thinking of just releasing it as is… 🤔

When I was studying in Oxford (Aviation Academy… before you go “OMG”), one of the teachers always taught us to… “RTFQ” - which means “Read The Fu##ing Question”… or it could also mean “Read the full question”. I prefer the former. Stuck with me!

I tried to use Notion… but I can’t get past the fact that the hover states on items are super delayed when you go over them with the pointer/mouse. 😔 … and if you can’t un-see it now… I’m sorry!

Are there any good alternatives to Backblaze or Arq Backup (I use Arq), that are from European based companies?

For anyone that does donate towards Gluon, I’ll make sure to unlock any “one-time” in-app purchases for when the time comes. Got you covered 😄

A lot of people have asked to support Gluon’s development. Whilst I’m going to be implementing In-App Purchases for the new version, I have set up a “Buy Me A Coffee” page.

I’ll be writing a dedicated blog post later this week about ways to support development (and me) 😃

I’ve got a cool new client project coming up. Excited to start it. Hopefully I can share details come September. I’m grateful, and super lucky, for the continued engaging and challenging client work ❤️ Keeps the brain engaged 🤯

Just sent out a few more invites for Sublime Ads. Going to try and finish a few of the outstanding items this week and then work on a “public” launch sometime late July/August.

I’ve been using the default San Francisco font in invoices… and always thought to myself why the PDF’s are so huge. Turns out using a normal system font like Helvetica Neue fixes that. WHOOPS! 😅

Productive day today 😊

When you start a trial with a service and then they change their pricing plans in-between… urghhh ☹️ Total FAIL!

I don’t understand the need for so many plans either… why not just have one, or a max of 2? Keep it simple. Especially for a SASS.

I wish I’d get an email from App Store Connect when I get feedback. There is some really good stuff here that I always see too late! Thanks to everyone providing suggestions and improvements for Gluon ❤️

Dramatically improved feed syncing for posts “between” longer gaps, or when you follow a lot of people on Gluon. Hope this will solve problem when you’re away for a few days or following a lot of users 🖖 Will be in TestFlight this week.

This morning I shared my plans for Gluon’s future. As usual, I’ll be blogging about the process as I go. I really love writing about stuff like this.