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We’re out today, at our usual restaurant. We’ve been coming here for years, all friendly and good service. Always tip generously too… probably too much. They bring us refreshments (water, coffee) without us having to ask.

The past few months though, it has been getting worse. Not sure what it is. The service just isn’t what it was. Mostly still the same people here. Still the best restaurant (kinda) in our little city (doesn’t take much).

I’ve been waiting here for 20 minutes for a cup of coffee. Food took 30 (for the main course).

I would not mind if it was a one off or so… but it’s been consistent.

Conversation has changed somewhat. We haven’t changed, still the same.

No idea what is going on. I sometimes ask, but never get an answer. “All is good”.

Ok, I don’t mind too much actually… I just find it weird. Maybe a little sad. A place where I did some of my best work, where they sell an awesome full English breakfast…

Maybe time to find something new…

Erm… not sure if this was always in macOS… I didn’t know you could customise what was displayed in the System Preferences pane:

So… without much fanfare…


4 weeks of Karate for my daughter. Today is her white belt ceremony. So happy ❤️

Whilst her "mind" certainly isn’t ready, I hope she’ll one day understand. Oh… and she packs a punch, and kick, now — I’m kinda scared 😭😂

This morning, I have added the ability to filter your ads, on Sublime Ads, by their status. Find it on your ads overview screen. Real simple and effective. It will also remember what you last set.

Damn… this macOS bug has been there since 10.6… if not earlier (I did a memory wipe of my brain for a time before)… Audio output balance always throws itself left and NEVER remembers.

Shame it’s back… have to revert every single time I connect the AirPods now.

Oh don’t mind me @maique

But the hearts of men, are easily corrupted

— Lord of the Rings

Approaching 02:00 AM. Wake up at 06:00. No one tell the sleep police. 😩

Gonna be working with Visual Studio Code for a few days… instead of the super mega awesome Nova, by Panic. Just trying.

GitHub Universe is on… just watched 10 minutes worth (from the 50 minute mark onwards). Some good new stuff.

Started working at 08:50 this morning… at 09:20 I was super sleepy. Walked over to the bed… fell asleep. 4 hours later and I got up. Damn. Guess I needed it.

Happy I took 30 minutes of my time to do some Yoga. I feel great. Totally awesome feeling. 🧘‍♂️

Seeing too many "Buy now, pay later" things pop up everywhere… Urgh.

I used to own banks too much, but am 100% debt free now. It was a terrible feeling.


Or even better… don’t buy it at all 🧘‍♂️

Sublime Ads - Schedule an ad

Ah yes, if there was only a way you could schedule your ads on Sublime Ads. Now that would be super nice. Wouldn't it?

Well... wait no more... because it's here! 🥳


When you create, or edit, an ad you now have the option to schedule them to your needs. Or, optionally, you can ignore it...

Now you have an option to add a start and/or end date, however you like it:

This is extremely useful if you want an ad to run at specific times, for example for a paid sponsorship that only lasts 1 week or a month, or whatever else.

There are a few options for you, so you don't have to worry about setting both a start and end date. It's really up to you.

You can set a start date, with no end date, which will start displaying the ad on that day. Or vice versa with an end date, where it will stop showing on that date.

You can also just leave it blank, to have an always running ad... just like you're used to.

If your ad is scheduled you now also see this in your ad list, by using new status messages, here they are:

As you can see there is a little timer icon next to the status message. That means a schedule has been set.

To get a quick overview of your start and end dates, you can click on the label to see more info:

And it's as easy as that.

API tweaks

Going hand in hand with the above, there are API tweaks that have been made. Specifically it will only return Ads (for the embed/random option) that are within a given schedule, or active if no schedule has been set.

There are also a few more tweaks on the kind of data you can get back for the ad object, which you can find here in the documentation.

UI tweaks

I've made a few minor UI tweaks, mainly making everything a little wider.

In the coming months I will look at restyling the main ad detail screen as it feels cluttered.

Future tweaks

With ad scheduling, I'd like to also surface this data a little easier for you, so you can filter for "upcoming" or "expired" ads. I am working on something that should be easy enough on the UI. More to come soon.

I can't type today, or create any longer sentences, so I hope the above is short and sweet for you. Excited to have pushed out this update.

More to come.


It’s "ship a thing on a Monday". So I shipped some new goodies for Sublime Ads. Write up coming soon, after I have updated the documentation.

Have been working on ad scheduling in Sublime Ads. Still more to do, but I have the basic frontend pretty much sorted. Also has a pop up date picker.

I turned on the normal tab bar again in Safari on macOS. I do like the compact one very much, but it just seems buggy — and the animations seem slow.

I’ve been trying to get into the Foundation series, streaming on Apple TV+… I just… can’t. I try every Friday. The books seem more interesting reading about them. Might try and order the first one.

Ah, so sorry if your push notifications are no longer working for Gluon. The certificate expired and I need to update it. Will do so in the next few days — enjoy the quiet time 😝

The deploy went well. If you notice anything strange, let me know.