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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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Taking feature requests for the next version of Gluon, on the Apple platforms.

Once 2020.5 ships at the end of the month, I'll be working solely on the totally revamped version of Gluon. Whilst I'm probably bitting off more than I can chew... it's the right thing to do for the Apple community and for the future self.

My first steps will be to take what I have already and make it available, to the best of my ability, in this new version. However, I do think some features that currently exist may not make it 100% - a better way to explain that is that I'm going to simplify and probably replace existing items with something a bit better if I can.

I want Gluon, on Apple platforms, to become something I can be super proud of. I am already super proud of it as is. However, deep inside, I know I can do better.

I love the community greatly. For me it's a good place to be on the internet. I have never felt so connected with various people! You really don't get this with Twitter or, presumably, others... Manton has done such an amazing job with it and it really seems to attract the last "good" people on this planet. There are times I really think the world has gone down the drain, but then I open my feed and see lots of wonderful posts from so many people. Not to mention the utmost support from people when you're down. Here to pick you up!

Gluon is my dedication to the community. I find it hard to express my feelings, so I hope the quality of craftsmanship coming in the future will show it.

I build Gluon based mainly on community feedback, because truly you all know much better what you want to have. I do have my opinions, which are strong, but I think there is a good balance here. This is something I want to continue.

Before I get into it... I am not forgetting at all about the Android version! In fact, I'm working on adding new features here also.

So, keeping in flow with the community, I thought it would be great to hear from you what you want to see in the future version of Gluon. I'm talking mainly features and not things like "a Mac app" or "a better iPad app" 😋.

I do have features planned, of course, but this time around I will keep them quiet until the time comes to show them. Because I need to see how best I can integrate them with the existing API without annoying Manton too much 🤪.

Once I start development of the new version, I will of course start blogging about it and you will see it evolve. So if you feel you want to wait until you give feedback, then please do.

Giving feedback is easy... you can reply to this post via, or you can email a dedicated email: [email protected]

I can't promise I will reply to all of them, but will do my best where I can of course.

Can't wait to hear from you all, and no matter the request, just keep it coming.

And as a shameless plug... if you do like Gluon and you want to support me, and my family, I have a donation page up at "Buy me a coffee". Any one off in-app purchase will be unlocked for you if you do donate. I'll even add a special thank you page for any supporters big and small!

Thank you already for your support for the near 2 years! Gluon would not be where it was today if it wasn't for you 🥰

It’s OK to use an emoji at end of the sentence and forget about the full stop… right?

When I’m working remote, as in outside of our place, I like to work on low hanging fruit. Little tasks I can achieve in a short amount of time. I generally try not to tackle big tasks that require focused attention for longer periods of time. Certainly moves the needle!

I had a few performance issues on my own site. Did a bit of digging and halved the database queries by using a bit of eager-loading 🤤

I do like the “The whole working-from-home thing” video from Apple. However it also perfectly sums up why I would never EVER work for someone and have a “boss” again. The lady obviously cares ZERO about their workers by not being attentive.

My wife and I informally discussed Christmas this morning. Too early? This year is flying past!

It seems that today, Monday, is a day where I take stock of projects and think about the next steps instead of… you know… actually working. Maybe ☕️ will help. Although I know myself enough that I need days like this.

Did a bit of digital spring cleaning. Always nice to remove yourself from services that you don’t actually need. Things that just sit there, doing nothing… except take a monthly fee.

It’s pretty rare, but yesterday I was working on a client thing. Although now it looks like the deadline has been moved haha 😭 At least I made progress 🤪

🎙 #18 - Everything in measured ways

Abstract Development

Hello and welcome to another episode of me blabbing away, getting it all out there.

Late June we had the Apple Developer conference, also known as WWDC. I get totally excited about wanting to really get into SwiftUI and embrace the native platform as best I can.

Of course I don't want to loose sight of other platforms, so in a way this is ideal to really focus on each.

Then I talk about and what I have planned for that. Perhaps I'll explore a totally different galaxy instead.

To finish off I touch on Sublime Ads and getting it ready for public launch.

Oh and I now have a "Buy me a coffee" page allowing you to support my work, blog and of course this very podcast!


Duration: 00:12:33

Apple Arcade cancelled. Shame they didn’t release more engaging games. Best one was Sneaky Sasquatch... until they started the “city” level. I really liked that nature feel. Crossy Road Castle was great also, and fun! Not worth the monthly though.

Tried out the iPad Pro keyboard today... amazing! Feels so natural. Love the cursor.


One more screenshot from the new Gluon… started styling the timeline items. Still need to figure out what the best practice is for HTML content in Swift/SwiftUI… Anyway, happy with how natural it felt to build it:

Talking about state management in SwiftUI… here is the beginning of the “Theme” logic for accent colours in Gluon. Works like magic and it’s QUICK.

I’m really starting to enjoy SwiftUI. State management feels so natural, especially after a few years of React Native. I really love it!

Tomorrow (today… because it’s totally 1AM) I start a new client project. Going to be intense, but I’ll get through it. Look forward to sharing it when it’s done. Will involve realtime chat and video conferences 🤯

Interesting how some Ad blockers try to block Ads by looking at the URL structure/parts. Need to think about that a little for the Sublime Ads API… Totally get it though!

Added a “Support Me” page. Just some self promotion for anyone that is interested 😅. 14 supporters already ❤️. I will most likely expand this page and tweak the wording over the next few days.

Time Machine backups have been super quick on Big Sur… pre macOS 11 they were so slow! Nice to see some loving here. I did start from scratch though last week, including re-formatting and erasing the backup drive. APFS seems to shine here.