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Sent in a support request to my mobile provider. Got a reply that they might announce things in the future… on social media.

To which I replied… "I’ll check on your website. I don’t do social media."


Super excited to get started with… oh… I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

It was a good day for app development. Now I am tired… midnight.

More Sublime Ads goodies today… now you can upload an avatar… because everyone does it haha. Makes the header look much nicer and comfy. This is a prelude to some "team" stuff that I am working on. Nice to have. It was fun!

Sublime Ads Update - View Tracking

This is a feature that has been requested since day one of starting Sublime Ads, and it's been available since launch... but it was never documented, nor was it fully complete. No more.

I'm happy to announce that in addition of tracking your "taps" you can now also track the amount of "views" an embedded ad receives.

Just like taps, views is just a simple counter that gets triggered. It is privacy preserving and holds no user data. It's just a "view" and that is it.

Some people might just find this useful to measure performance (I don't like using that word) of a given category and/or ad.

Views can be triggered via the API, check out the documentation here. In addition to using the API, views can be tracked via the Sublime Ads Embed option on your website. Check out the documentation here for that.

Views are opt-in by you and are not enabled by default when using the embed option.

To see "views" all you have to do is go to the homepage and select the "Show views" option in your statistics graph, next to the date picker - you can toggle between taps and views as needed. There are plans to have some sort of combined view at some stage. These stats are also available for each individual ad and category, so you can get into more details as needed.

I think this might be a very welcome feature for anyone that relies on this data.

That's it for now.

Happy coding and embedding!

Pushed out some updates to Sublime Ads today. Happy to finally get them out. A little out of time now, but will write a small post about the changes a little later and update the "Updates" page with even more tweaks/details that are not yet documented for embeds.

Looking at adding WebAuthn to on of my Rails apps… 🤯 I think this requires a strong drink and a late night coding session one of these days.

Lunchtime Bakerloo Line train ride with Train Sim World 2. Streamed from the Xbox. Played for 3 hours, whilst my wife was sleeping opposite on the sofa 😂

Super duper excited to get started on a new App project 🥳

Safari, but with Chromium under the hood. That would solve my Webkit headache right now.

Today, after I dropped off my daughter at school, I made a nice frittata for breakfast.

Watched another disappointing episode of Foundation on Apple TV+ (the first episode was the best and then it all went poop — shame that).

Then I thought I’ll have a morning nap just after 09:00 AM (had only 4 hours sleep during the night as my mind was active — worked on a few things Woke up at 12:45.

Now listening to my ambient playlist, chilling. Gonna do some cleaning and perhaps do some Yoga.

Then it’s time to pick up our daughter.

Friday is a full day off for me for some time now — and it really has helped me find a balance that I enjoy.

Gluon 2021.2 has been released for Android 🥳 Release notes are here.

Gluon is ready for the October 2021 Photoblogging Challenge. Enjoy and happy picture taking! ✌️❤️ 📷

Haven’t done a McDonald’s breakfast since last year because you know what… may I regret this 🙃

Tried out a Fitness+ meditation session yesterday. Only 5 minutes. Kinda strange to also watch someone else doing it on camera (when you have your eyes open). Most material I tried was always audio only.

It was good.

Apple Fitness+ is my favourite Apple product.

The essential dock. No more. No less.

Been working on a client project taking my nice little image generator and making it more simple so you can just create a sticker. Current status… my scalpel isn’t sharp enough to pick the right code — the fun of copy and paste and trying to fit the old into new.

Saturday 🎢

Just released a new Gluon beta for Android, 2021.2 build 47. There is now the ability to edit replies for paid accounts (find it in the "more" screen) amongst many other changes from the last beta.

Hope to officially release this next week ✌️

The 6AM coffee is the best coffee ☕️❤️