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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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For anyone that listened to the podcast, I put Gluon in for review once again.

Unfortunately they rejected it again as I’m not allowed to use “” in my app name or metadata subtitle. Hurray for standardised rules across the app store ecosystem...

Episode 3 of my new podcast is out where I talk about adding draft support for posts for Gluon and working on a small blocking API. Then I touch on balancing work with my daughter being home, ill.

So… my “command” key is slowly failing on me. That’s not great. Yes, I use one of those keyboards that didn’t go so well. I never had any problems and typing on it is, or should I say was, great.

Apple reseller quoted 1 - 2 weeks for service. 1 - 2 weeks. Weeks.

🎙 #3 - Getting Gluon ready for app review (again). Working when all plans go out the window.

Abstract Development

In this episode I talk about getting Gluon ready for another dose of app review (again). Third time lucky?

I touch on adding a proof-of-concept Gluon blocking API, built on Ruby on Rails, that complements the app if so needs be and talk about adding post draft support for hosted blogs.

Towards the end I quickly talk about that my daughter has been home, off sick, since around Thursday and working around it when you have many things on your plate - and how I deal with it personally.


Thank you all for listening and I’ll see you next week.

Duration: 00:14:36

When I was younger I received a Ruby Red iMac from my parents, with macOS 9 on it. I kinda miss it. Not only was the iMac super colourful, but classic macOS also had nice UI sounds when you opened or clicked on stuff. Not to mention that little settings sidebar/strip. ❤️

Just recorded episode 3 for my podcast. It’s really fun to talk about stuff on top of writing about it.

Hope to have it out in the next few days.

Just released build 9 (2020.1) for Gluon. It adds support for post drafts that I teased last week. I’m going to write up about it tomorrow (it’s 02:00 AM here), however the release notes should give you a nice clue. Perhaps a good topic for the next episode of my podcast 😬

I may have written a reporting API for Gluon… 😬

Worked on draft support for Gluon this morning. Will be in the next TestFlight build. Will also add it to Android in the coming weeks.

Here is a preview:

Interesting thing on iOS, whilst I was recording the screen for a client video, when entering a password in a password input - you don’t see the keyboard appear in the video and neither the input dots on the password field. That’s kinda cool.

Talking about flying… Here is a picture of me just over 10 years ago. That was the last day of the Multi Crew Course on the 737 sim. Was great fun! (and I had hair).

🎧 Speed Me Towards Death (Instrumental) by Rob Dougan - I used to play this song every time I went flying, to get into the zone, whilst training for my Instrument Rating.

There’s a great change of tune between 01:50 and 02:10.

I really LOVE it.

Adding the preliminary blocking and reporting features to Gluon. Hope to have that out on TestFlight tomorrow. Works nicely. The mute list should handle regex too… to be confirmed though.

Sunset today

My daughter, nearly 6, commenting how bad the Prime Video app is on the Apple TV the other day 😂

“Dada, why is it so different? Dada, it’s not nice. Dada I don’t like it”.

Couldn’t put it better myself.

🎙 #2 - Focus for the new year and looking ahead

Abstract Development

Another episode for your listening pleasure 😃 Recorded on the 7th of January.

I talk about planning for the future and touch on what my plans are in terms of passive income. I also reflect on the holidays, which was nice and quiet, and also about starting to meditate - specifically how it’s helping me, day to day, to deal with life in general.

This episode was recorded before I wrote my post about Gluon after the phone call with the Apple review team.

I touch on taking on a little less client work that I wrote about last year and how that’s working out so far.

And to finish I talk about my plans for some of my projects:

Thank you so much for listening.

Duration: 00:14:10

Just added the links to popular podcast players for my new podcast.

Today I’m really thankful for, amongst many things, that exists. Sometimes you loose all heart in the future of humanity. Seeing people there tells me “there are still good people on this planet we call earth”. It gives me hope for a better future.

When you buy a birthday present for your wife on Amazon… to realise that she has the Amazon app installed, most likely with notifications turned on. 😅

She hasn’t said anything yet…

EVE Online… but without all this war and fighting stuff. I’d totally play that. Enough trouble in the real world.