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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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Getting busy here…

Aliens have landed on my wrist.

Getting pain in my left arm after keeping on the Apple Watch for too long. Also noticed this with the old one… however it seems to be more prominent with the new one. It’s not on tight. Any one else experiencing similar issues? I have to take it off regularly.

I’m keeping blog posts and little short notes about “2020 - you know what”. It’s not of popular opinion, but I can see clear sings that things are swinging the other way, which is very good. Once it’s right, I will post these snippets. It’s a heavy burden.

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What a pile of 🐒💩

Today I’m close to telling a client to never email me again unless they remove tracking from their emails. I block it already and so does my email provider, but still… this is not on.

Ooo, and now I’m the only guest here too… nice. Streets are looking dead too… Maybe I’ll be the only car on the road when I leave.

Remote working today, and I’m sure I said that already… the restaurant here is usually nice and busy. Today, and all week apparently, it’s been dead. I dread it will be like this for some time. On the bright side, I know where I can go more regularly now.

Working remotely today… opposite me are a few teenagers. Being loud. They’re speaking English which is nice to hear in this remote part. All of them are on their phones, showing each other videos instead of you know… actually having a meaningful conversation. Terrible.

Renamed my device…

Really digging the Now playing menu bar item on macOS Sur. Only shows up when something is playing. Nice small improvements in this latest beta.

My written German is non existent. My verbal German is OK - pretty rusty/bad. If someone spoke to me in German, I would understand 99.5% of it (par some technical words). Funny how the brain works. Stopped using German at the age of around 9 - 11. English since then.

Wrote a few emails this morning, so I’m happy that I managed that. One longer email to write after the morning routine.

If you’re using Gluon, which I hope you are… I’ve added the #adayinthelife challenge images to the Discover More section, so you can see all the nice photos 😍

Part of being me is to give some of my things away for free, especially to folks whom I enjoy keeping company with. For Sublime Ads, I’m going to be adding a special account for anyone that uses and would like to use the embed functionality of Sublime Ads.

That means, you can create a few ads that you can display on your website. Best of all, it will be your very own ads - can be anything really! Maybe you like a service or tool that you want to promote on your site… it’s really up to you.

There will be a few limits to this, for example 5 ads and one main “embed” category for the site - and you will need to be an active member of . If you think that’s not enough room to get you started, you’re more than welcome to give me suggestions.

I want to strike a balance of being open and giving people room to grow. I didn’t want to have a free tier as such, so this is middle ground for me. I really enjoy the community. ❤️

Once you think you will reach those limits you can always “upgrade” to a paid account - or you can email me if budget is tight - totally fine with me.

This is only an informal announcement, but that is what I’m planning so far.

I made changes to Sublime Ads that basically allows anyone that pre-registered to use it for free until it’s ready to launch (you’ll also get a generous trial when that day comes).

I’ll be emailing everyone that did “expire” to say they can use it as normal again.

I’ve been more engaged and happy with the new style Apple keynotes/events. When Steve Jobs was around I loved his style so much. This is now the next step for Apple. It suits them much better and there aren't any cringe moments… except “Only at Apple” of course.

Some amazing ambient vibe going on with the Apple Event stream… love it.

My past self yesterday: “I’m going to cook so much that there will be leftovers”.

My today’s self: “What will I eat for lunch?”

Thank you past self for thinking about me 😍

More rest than usual the past days. Today I’m feeling a little bit more energised… or let's say "clearer”. I haven’t returned to my normal work day today. Sometime this week - I’m lucky enough that I can choose.