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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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OK, so now Visual Studio code no longer accepts the “Enter” key to go to the next line (insert new line) in my project. Frustrating. Other similar apps work without issue… maybe time to go to bed… Shift-Enter works...

One of my New Years resolutions was to buy, and wear, a Hawaiian shirt… Does anyone have any recommendations of good quality ones that would ship to Europe?

Working a little on Sublime Ads at the moment… has been a while (I know!!!). Currently getting frustrated at Rails… but I’ll push through it haha.

I’m trying to get the Gluon logo approved for T-Shirts and all that good stuff so you can support me, and my work, via Cotton Bureau. Fingers crossed it goes through! Going to buy them myself 😋

Great launch and awesome to see technology actually being used for good for once.

T-minus 20 minutes.

Is there such a thing as a markdown based email client?

Another nice feature with Windows updates is that you can always go back to a previous update if the current one somehow doesn’t work out for you. Apple… please copy this… and in your case make it a full new major release backwards haha 😋

Updated Windows to the latest May update. Unlike Catalina, it was quick and non disruptive. Also noticed that Windows, in general, has no latency issues at all with opening anything. Catalina always wants to think about it before it does anything. Why Apple? Who do you hire?

Great version naming!’s timeline updating, especially from an external blog feed, is incredibly fast. It’s near instant and I love it!

Always has been a pain point to wait for a post to show up. Good stuff 👏

Apple should create a built in VPN, focusing on privacy.

A good week and a bit now without an Apple Watch. So far so good. Feel a bit less distracted although still trying to change volume on my music/podcast... Phone is living comfortably in my desk drawer. Enjoying the "desktop" experience of the web.

Mac mail seems to have corrupted itself over the course of few weeks now. Messages continually being showed as unread in the sidebar… and when I select a message, it will unselect it as it tries to figure out what is unread or not. Anyone else with the same?

Have slowly, but steadily, been catching up with client work. Still more to do… however I’m happy that I’m managing to get my mojo back after weeks of *BLANK*.

SpaceX launch today 🖖

I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Xbox for a few hours over the course of a week. Enjoying it. Although I seem to have the ability to fall off cliffs at every opportunity.

Putting out a feeler - I’m looking for a freelancer comfortable with PHP (Laravel & Wordpress). Part time thing, maybe going full time if I’m happy. I’ll need someone that’s reliable and knows quality from quantity. Am I selling it? You or anyone in my circle know someone?

If anyone is interested in checking out a really early preview of the documentation for Gluon, you can find it here. It still needs writing, however there are a few things in there already. Hope to have this complete over the coming weeks.

If there was an option in Apple Music to not suggest songs that have lyrics in them, I’d tick it in an instance. Yeah, I’m 99% weird.