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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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And so I conclude the evening and shall retire into my room slowly. Gluon updates done for the day. Yoga done. Just need to clear the dishes 😭 and then shower.

Icons anyone?

Just uploaded build 19 to TestFlight for the Gluon 2021.2 update. Release notes are as following (with a heavy heart):

Hey ya’ll, it’s Vincent with another episode of "Let’s do an app update", in the development studio on Planet Earth, targeting your upper body with grey matter strength and finger agility.

Due to popular demand, I have tried adding timeline sync. However, I have failed for now. In shocking news, I have removed this temporarily as I work on it more in subsequent builds. It won’t ship with this update though — which makes me real sad not to get this to you…. But it also made me really sad with the slight corner I painted myself into. I may add it as an "experimental" feature AS IS.

Fear not, I have some other goodies before I ship this update to the public.
In this release, as you may have guessed, I have removed the troublesome timeline sync — the app should feel just like a snappier Safari.

I have also updated the tab bar with different icons. Please tell me how you feel about them. They’re more subtle than the last and mix a few things.

Let me know your thoughts — except about timeline sync.

That’s it fam. Remember to keep updating. Close your rings.

Ooo, Basecamp did a thing and perhaps fucked up. My thoughts? None. I guess they have job openings 🤣

One of those days where I try and work but fail. Need a reset somehow.

Coffee has rescued me ☕️😂

When you wake up and you feel like someone beat you up… yeah, one of those days.

Last week I bought some new shoes online. Arrived today. Happy with them. It’s been a while since I bought some. I do like, and look after, most things I buy — so they usually last a long time for me.

I hope I will experience the day when social networks like FB and TW just appear in history books.


Tempted to cancel the iMac order. Now that I had a few days to think about it.

Pushed out another small update to Gluon TestFlight, with more tweaks to Timeline sync.

Unfortunately I am at the stage where I am having limitations and framework bugs that make it near impossible of what people want. Might have to rethink it more. React Native is powerful, but something like this really throws stuff out the window quickly considering JavaScript can only run on one thread (which sucks) = SLOW.

Saying that, I am happy to have laid groundwork for all of this. The marker is synced across devices… which is nice.

I don’t want the experience to suck, which it certainly does if there is a long list of items that you haven’t caught up on…

I am torn.

The right thing to do is to just mark it for now, and let you manually scroll via a button interaction. So much to decide.

The awesomeness may just have to wait for the rewrite.

Nothing like being able to sleep in. And of course I was dreaming about the Gluon timeline sync. I wasn’t happy about the way it worked yesterday… and there are limitations in what I can do. So I need to find a compromise — which I think I have figured out.

What better time than give everyone a broken Gluon build at this lovely hour 😂 Nah, not broken… but highly experimental. Still loads to do with timeline sync… Still need to play with it before I release the next TestFlight version.

05:00 AM… it’s bright… still working on Gluon timeline sync…

Guess I’ll go to bed so I can fight another day.

I have committed… that means it is sorta working enough for a TestFlight build.

So ->| |<- CLOSE with Gluon and Timeline sync… 😋


Opened beer number 2...

Getting drunk = getting distracted… Trying to set up a Discord server for Gluon supporters, because they ARE THE BEST ❤️