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A busy and frustrating week… too much going on, and now our daughter is off for the summer school holiday — finally. Thankfully this means that any obligations, school wise, are over. So now a bit more time to get back to work — finally 🙃

Lech coaster at Legendia 🎢

Another good quote from Riccardo’s article about Stage Manager:

How lazy and unimaginative this company has become software-wise is absolutely depressing.
These people just think we all have the money tree (Ficus Pecunia) growing in a corner of our living-room.

— quoted from Riccardo Mori on Stage Manager available only on M1 processors.

Oh nice… you can set your GitHub profile as private now. Done.

Interesting email from GitHub yesterday, about Copilot. Looks like they are making it subscription based (and not including it in a GitHub sub). I am a little surprised by that… Thankfully I don’t use it, nor depend on it. I like going SOLO anyway 🤪

I have 39 contact cards in the Contacts app. Reckon I could delete some 🤗

The Apple Music app on macOS Ventura is still terrible, if not worse. And we still have the bug where you add songs to your playlist and it stops playing.

Dear Apple, make me a job offer and I will drag that whole team out of that bottomless pit!

Thinking of offering Gluon for Android as a direct download. The Google Play store seems to be getting real bullish about stuff… and being passive aggressive about things and compliance.

Disney+ launched last week in Poland. Such a nice app and love the little details, like no cross selling content and the animations and countdown to the next episode.

The real nice thing about the Discover timeline, except finding great new people, is that it’s finite… it just stops and there is no more when you reach the end.

Spending an extra night in a hotel. Even though we’re 2 hours from home, I felt not capable of driving this evening. Now to a relaxed night, a nice breakfast and then tackle the day and journey back tomorrow✌️

Last minute get away to Kraków and Katowice for a few days. Busy week.

Slowly moving passwords back to iCloud Keychain 🤷‍♂️ Passkeys have me super interested, so might as well set the stage.

Weekend fun 🎢. Not far from here. We’re regulars.