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I'm a dad, husband, geek and an independent software engineer.

Hello, I'm Vincent. I'm a dad, husband, geek and an independent software engineer. Check out the apps I make, personal ventures I'm currently pursuing, websites I worked on and other things like my blog posts and thoughts, my micro blog. There is also a now page, to keep me in check on what I'm working on right now. I also do consulting, so say hello.

Took a bit of a break after getting the Simple Schedule beta out last week. Had to start a few client projects and change the scenery a little. Always good to have a break from something.

I'll write another blog post with an update and next steps for the project. I also have a small announcement regarding the pricing structure I decided on today.

Spent the day working on getting Simple Schedule onto Linode and away from Heroku. Only because I'd like to keep all my stuff in one place (one provider).

Some days are tough. Picking up my daughter at kindergarten always makes my day, no matter what!

I'm having this crazy thought as of late... I really want to try and treat my phone like I treat my wallet.

When I'm out, I take my wallet and thus phone. When I'm back, I put my wallet in the drawer (don't tell anyone!). I want to do the same with my phone.

I'm not sure what it is, perhaps that black empty void of a screen that is always staring at me... Or if it's the fear of checking stuff. Small distractions eating away at me inside.

I have an Apple Watch, which I love. It doesn't distract me much, except when something important happens. It tells the time and anything important I want to know, without sucking me in.

The Mac should be my primary device for seriously getting into details when I need to know them.

Sure, the phone is useful... but not really that much at home.

Watching people when we're out, being sucked into the screen... it unsettles me somewhat. Sure, they have their genuine and great uses... and great to kill time whilst you wait. But it's really unsettling. Not sure why.

I want to go back to basics. Be happy with what is around me and in the room. Knowing that if I need it, I have my phone for that occasion.

... when Apple Music stops playing the current song when you add it to your playlist/library. So annoying. It's those small things they ought to get right... right?

... when Apple Music stops playing a song when you "Show Complete Album" and then click outside of it to explore something else. So annoying.

... when Apple Music stops playing the current song when you press 'Create Station'. So annoying.

One nice side effect of using is that I’m finding loads of great blogs, not filled with ‘click bait’ articles. A whole side of the internet you don’t really get to see on say Twitter or others!

Had a busy few days... so today I decided to have the rest of the day off to relax and recharge my batteries. Do something else. I always enjoy travelling so perhaps a mini trip in the car is called for.

Simple Schedule - It's time for the beta

I’m super happy to announce that Simple Schedule is now, officially, open for public beta testing. I can’t believe that I have come so far already with the app and am excited that I have come to this milestone!

This week I concentrated on getting a new website up for the marketing site, to replace the holding site, and also worked on tweaking the actual app to give a bit more information about the beta. I added a few ‘support’ articles but feel I need to expand this even more. At the moment there are no guides on how to add events and do other things.

Development certainly will keep going as I build out the rest of the features and squash bugs.

It feels weird and exciting to open it up… even though I had a dev url always available this feels different.

I wrote my first email to go out to everyone that registered interest on the holding site. You can see this below or view it in a browser. (It’s not sent just yet but will at Feb 15th 10:00 AM Pacific).

Hey, this is Vincent, the creator of Simple Schedule.

I want to thank you for signing up to the beta email list and taking an interest so early on in the development process. It means a lot to me!

I’m happy to announce that Simple Schedule is now open to everyone as a public beta. To celebrate I also created a new homepage.

"Beta" means… stuff might just break! By opening it up I’m looking for feedback about the service, learn more of your needs and work towards completing everything necessary to implement features and fix bugs.

The app is 95% functional at the moment, as envisioned when I had it on the drawing board. It is missing a few features that will hopefully ship during beta. These are listed below:

Events with time slots
Billing (Boooo!)

During the beta, the service is free to use and there will be more updates on pricing structure as I go.

For your information you can always follow along the blog posts that I write daily or weekly. You can head over to a special section of my personal site to find out more.

I urge you to keep an eye on the public Trello board I created there. This contains everything I’m working on. It will show bugs, features, design tweaks etc. I’ll be adding to it as you report bugs and have feedback for me.

I really do appreciate any feedback you have during this time and I’ll do my best to please where I can. Email me or just reply to this very email:

Once you are registered, you can click on the “beta” badge on the top right to pull up (“down”) contact details and links to the website.

I rely on word of mouth, so if you know someone that would find the service useful please share.

I’m really excited to where this project can go.

- Vincent

If you like to contribute, please email me or let me know via There is also the Simple Schedule site where you can sign up for a beta. On top, there is now a public Trello board with beta site progress. You can visit the 'beta' website to play around.

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Pretty stoked to receive $0.05 credit on my AWS account because of an error calculating data transfers last year.

I'm at the stage of the day where I click around aimlessly... I think it's time for a longer break and go out a bit to get some fresh air.

Just finished the beta announcement email to everyone that signed up to the Simple Schedule mailing list. That is going out tomorrow morning. Better things to do today for most people. Also gives me a bit of time to tweak a few things.