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Home screen, for December:

Putting in a little bit extra effort with setting up posting on the Android app. Hopefully that’ll pay off in future (past version 1.0).

The most important release note for Nova today:

Resolved a problem where deleting or duplicating files in the sidebar could inadvertently rename others


Screenshots on the Android simulator work again 🥳

Jazz often captures my exact mood.

Here is mine.

Checking out a new place, a chocolate café. It’s pretty awesome. Unfortunately, whilst it reminds me of Disney with all the theming and music, they only use milk, milk and milk (and cream) for any drink. Yuk. I’m actually feeling physically sick…

3 months of Spotify Premium. €4. Deal. Always good to find new music that way.

Worked on the follow and unfollow logic today for the Android app. Also added the "following" screen.

Next up is posting (I think).

Got through the Xcode Cloud beta invite. So far, testing with Gluon, it doesn’t seem to like it… but I am not surprised to be honest. Build errors are vague.

"unable to open file" — but tell me more on "why?" it doesn’t open.

Ah yes… morning traffic. Not usually so bad. Had to resort to showing someone the “meditate” gesture because he was flipping and doing ape gestures 🤣👌🧘‍♂️

I uninstalled Visual Studio Code again. It was nice, it still works the great same way. Still prefer Nova though. It’s a nice app, it doesn’t hand hold you too much (I prefer to actually code, and learn)… and I am so used to it now I can’t look back (for now).

Playing around with Cloud66. Ideally I’d like them to manage all my Ruby on Rails apps… just like Hatchbox does at the moment.

However, it’s actually not so straight forward if you want multiple apps on the same server (which I do now - well, only 3 really and 2 of them do nothing). I’d have to go with some Docker workflow… and I find it difficult to work with (yeah, I know!). Cloud66 have something called Maestro that would achieve what I want… but I am so lost with Docker.

Pricing wise it’s $15 per server they manage, which is on-par with the new Hatchbox.

The price is fine if any of my web apps make enough money, I could justify it.

I do like the Cloud66 interface and it’s very powerful just using their normal "one app, one server" Rails set up. Certainly feels more professional than what I use at the moment.

One more screenshot of the Android app… this is the menu you get when you press on the profile image of your account. We also have the usual tab bar, but of course there is so much more. Easy to expand later on too. Styles are not set in stone yet!

Took a little time this evening working on the profile screen in the Android app. Actually works similar to the iOS version. Here is an early version...

This is a short version:

You can see it truncates the text and also removes any new lines.

Now an expanded view of another:

Some profiles can be pretty long, so I decided to have a maximum height for now, and the rest can be scrolled with ease.

And yes, links can be visited.

Here is mine:

Pretty happy so far.

Next up is adding follow, unfollow and looking at the profile followers.

Working in the kitchen for a little bit, on the Android app.

If you’re on the Gluon TestFlight… please keep an eye out for a small update. It’s to debug push notification problems. So if you’re not receiving any, but have activated it, send me your device token length (found in the notifications settings area at the bottom):

Today I bought Things. It’s a little cheaper than usual, but still not in my budget (these days are harder than usual!). Hoping to consolidate all my TaskPaper things into one place. Although my brain is still my main task manager (and always will be). Happy.

Snow in the forecast next week. Colour me excited ❄️☃️

Fell asleep after breakfast, woke up at 13:00. Late nights are catching up with me.

No idea how it turned 01:00 AM.