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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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Just pushed out a TestFlight update for Gluon (2020.5 - Build 11). Includes another weeks worth of photo challenge keywords (Android also! Build 28). Also rewrote multi site handling, including handling tags for different blogs. Plus some others.

Thanks all for the feedback ✌️

Slept through the night 🥳

Talking about Gluon, I’m probably going to remove the multi site support temporarily. It’s causing a few unsolved issues… and I don’t know exactly when I can solve it.

I think I'm gonna slowly uninstall the current version of Gluon in favour of the Swift UI version. I really want to get into it and live and breathe it.

Prediction: Microsoft will be the main Android OS maintainer in future… maybe I’m with Gruber on this after all.

Making my way through a half cup of Sambuca. If I start writing weird stuff on the blog… you will know why! I don’t usually have alcohol so even just a little bit has me all smiley inside.

Woke up at 04:18, then again at ~04:40. Fell asleep and woke up at 05:20. Gave up at 06:20 and got up instead. Watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Had breakfast and coffee. Woke up my girls at a good time ❤️

Not sure why, however I use YouTube around a few times a year (that i can count on my hands). I never really got into it. So I’m really not sure why 4K in Safari is such a big deal and the only big release note in Big Sur B4. 😋

When apps start life as “consumer” friendly but then, over time, turn into corporate ones. Urghh!

Big Sur Beta 4 sure seems way more buggy to the day to day usage I have experienced in previous builds. Plus quite sad to see that some UI bugs/feedbacks are still open… Apple Music is pretty bad too...

I’m hopeful to get back on track with some of my personal project over the next few days. That means Gluon and Sublime Ads. 🥰

Anyone on live in Denmark 🇩🇰? We’re toying with the idea to make a move there in a few years (maybe sooner)… Would love to talk to someone about actually living there.

My wife 🥰 and I, flying in France, 10 years ago in June (1 year before we got married). A friend of mine let me loose in his plane, so that was mighty fun.

Just added the August Photo Challenge to the latest iOS TestFlight build 10. It’s out for you. Android beta (Build 26) is coming too, just uploading and it needs to propagate through their store. ✌️

Happy photo posting!

Here is another screenshot:

Adding the August photo challenge to Gluon on the latest iOS TestFlight (Build 10). Will be out soon.

Just downloaded some RSS app… first thing you see is… 1025 UNREAD items counter. Can we please just remove unread counts from everything? Or perhaps just not include default links… or never see any unread count as default (make it an option to add a counter)?

Not sure if this is specific to iOS 14, but I noticed that “Apple News” links now don’t force you to install it. Instead it redirects to the real URL. Just me?

I know it’s only a rumour, but seeing that a blood oxygen level detector might make it to the next Apple Watch is pretty insane and awesome. I suffered from many collapsed lungs and have had corrective surgery (urggghhh, don’t ask), so I would love that feature.

Are there any good Apple news kinda websites that aren’t run for a mainly US centric audience? (Somewhere in Europe?)

🎙 #19 - Balancing Act

Abstract Development

Hello dear listeners. It's been a while, and yeah... I recorded 3 times before releasing this one over the past few weeks. No pressure.

In this episode I talk about balancing client projects and personal ones... and how I find it difficult, but getting used to it.

I then dig into planning a small holiday... but not Disneyland... because it just wouldn't be any fun or have good memories associated with it.

Personal projects have been somewhat slow (don't forget I'm balancing stuff)... so some updates on my plans for Gluon and Sublime Ads.

Then I talk about sleeping... a lot.

That's it.

Thanks so much for listening.


Duration: 00:07:21