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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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Heading to the stables today. Lovely day. Look forward to a little bit of horse whispering and feeding them. My daughter is riding today, so I’ll help her. My instructor is off for a few weeks — look forward to getting back in the saddle though.

Busy week, busy day. A nice busy though… yet a little bit challenging. Now time for beer. Cheers 🍻

We were out today for some “graduation” party at Kindergarten for our daughter. Took 4K Video in 30 degrees heat. Had a warning pop up to say the phone needs to cool down… so I was blowing on it and looking weird to try and get the last few images of her 🤣🙃

People don’t like change. Just look at the tech bloggers that are complaining about Safari 15. As a consumer, the changes are amazing. I love blending the content with the window into the world. Every other browser looks old now. Content is more important.

Forgot to mention… I installed the macOS Monterey beta the other day after my big event over the weekend.

Running OK so far. Happy with it. Some weirdness, but that’s totally fine. Loving the small tweaks.

The new Pens category is now live in Gluon 🥳🖋

On a brighter end to the day, we went to a nice Indian restaurant for the first time here. Food was great. The food was HOT and I thought I would pass out. Certainly cleared the head. Now to some gaming and having tomorrow off.

Cancelled. An unknown problem somewhere, hard to figure where exactly. Don’t know how I feel right now.

The greatest teacher, failure is

— Master Yoda

So yesterday was the rehearsal… and bug fixes… and today is the real event. No code changes allowed. Starts in 10 mins.

Interesting weekend. Am on "standby" for an event… have coded a little already this morning — just some minor changes. I was, and am, in charge of the frontend (I wrote it). Hope it all holds up 🤞

Client has asked me how many hours to expect from me on a daily basis on a new project (and a different Project Manager)… to which I replied "I don’t know, so make something up. I don’t even know what I’m going to eat for breakfast".

Does anyone know of a Time API (to get time from a reliable server) with a backed SLA agreement? If you do, let me know please. And no, a call to a self hosted backend won’t do for this.

Remote working today again. Heading there in an hour. Can’t wait for the beer (alcohol free), coffee and food.

My main phone is… installing… the iOS 15 beta. Was bound to happen. I’m not touching my laptop though, got critical client projects/tasks and I can’t afford to burn it — not to mention my own apps.

Whilst I am not 100% happy with the way Apple just didn’t address any of the real issues at WWDC, I am happy to see where SwiftUI is going. It’s the way I code with React Native, and it feels right.

Happy that I didn’t install the iOS15 beta 1 on my main phone. Found a bug in iMessage that doesn’t enable inline links/URL’s… and I use that a lot. They just look like text and are not tappable at all.

Ehm… Markdown support in SwiftUI in the beta… I mean… AWESOME. I could make use of that I think 😋

Time for a little break. Ordered some fish and chips. Might dive into a WWDC video whilst we wait.

Looking for a developer to help me with something tiny. Should be proficient in JavaScript that knows StimulusJS (but not required), is comfortable with JS click and/or scroll events and PHP & Twig based CMS.

Email: [email protected].

Shame Apple can’t innovate on the wallpaper front on iOS. The ones they ship with are… bad. And I’m not a person to ever have a picture background of family or anything (never have been like that). Maybe I am in a minority here.