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Bought a can of compressed air today. Cleaned my laptop keyboard... Perhaps things will work better now.

I logged into (my CDN) and my daughter (8) loved all the bunnies. So she asked me what it was that I'm doing. So I tried to explain what a CDN was. And then she just said: "So it's like a super quick bunny bringing you a picture". Damn right girl! ā¤ļø🐰

Shipped a new beta update to Gluon for Android, Build 53 (2022.1). Contains a few layout tweaks and other bug fixes. Also have an iOS TestFlight version coming out after it has been approved.

I need to write up some longer posts with all the updates! 😅

Yesterday I shipped a new beta for Gluon on Android. It's available here on the Play Store. It includes a raft of changes that I released on iOS. Check out all the "2022" iOS release note here to get an idea 😋

There will be a new Gluon for Android beta this week (Build 52, 2022.1). It's ready to go and I'm awaiting approval from Google to release it. Pretty excited to get this out šŸ˜‹ Still a few rough edges, but I am super happy! TBA āœŒļøā¤ļø

Hope to have an update, in the form of a beta, for Gluon on Android next week. I've managed to bring across nearly all changes from the iOS version āœŒļøā¤ļø

Android Studio is so frustrating at times. One day it works, and the next... nope.

Eeek. Left my browser open since late afternoon yesterday.

Kinda feel it's too much for me. And I don't follow too many...

Don't get me wrong, I do like RSS readers, but I always prefer to explore the actual article on the actual site because it's interesting to see all the different designs and typefaces.

For what it's worth... I have started working on updates to Gluon for Android 🤗 Lots to do... but the main point is that I started.

Submitted the next version of Gluon to Apple. Hopefully that will land on your handhelds soon.

Going to be tweaking that filter icon a little in Gluon. It'll fill up when you have a filter set, so you know that you've set something.

New iOS TestFlight for Gluon (2022.3 Build 4) is out with a little filter icon on the timeline screen so you can quickly toggle between hiding replies and long form posts, amongst a few other fixes.

Also looks good in dark:

Just published a small bug fix to Sublime Ads. The graphs were not correctly sorting the data depending on how many views and/or taps an "ad" had on the dashboard and category pages. Now it'll show the highest tapped/viewed at the top, like it was supposed to.

I finished beer number 2. Kinda wish I had another, but am all out. Wine is in the cupboard, but mixing will hurt tomorrow. So I probably won't.