Vincent Ritter

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Heading to the forest 🌲

Our daughter isn’t feeling well. She fell asleep on the sofa. Really cute. Pulled out my laptop to get some work done… and she wakes up. That’s how it goes in this household.

Finished reading: Dust by Hugh Howey 📚

It was hard to put down. Really enjoyed it.

Tweaked the wording on every single email that Sublime Ads sends. Took some time. Also tweaked the mailer template a little. Took out those horrid tables.

Doing gradual improvements and feature implementation the next few weeks.

1 year since launch anniversary coming up!

Webpacker 😭

In preparation of a few changes, I made a few tweaks to Sublime Ads.

It was mainly updates to some of the packages (and all that good stuff). I’ve taken the opportunity to upgrade Tailwind also (was using version 1… now we are using version 2 — and yes, I know, version 3 is the hotness). Colours look a little different so let me know if anything seems off.

Not done yet though! This was just a minor little thing before I actually do the bigger work.

I’ll tweak the styles as I go too.

Only thinking out loud, as my mind has been thinking as of late…

My Apple Developer "subscription" expires in June. 50% of me thinks to not renew this year.

Concentrate on web only and progressive web apps. No gatekeepers. No review team. Calmness. Zen. Happiness.

Desktop. Really digging that landscape. Way better than what the OS provides.

Planning a new project to use Ruby on Rails 7… probably going to move away from using Tailwind CSS too. I seem to prefer to do it myself again, instead of a framework. Not sure yet though.

My fake window.

Some minor tweaks to the interface. Now showing profile images on a profile. Looks nice and is closer to what we have for the official apps also. Happy with this small tweak.

Enjoying this ambient album: Shortwave Ruins by Mount Shrine

Earth Bridge is the tune I would recommend if you don’t want to listen to all of it. Some Air Traffic Control recordings as background too.

It’s time to do a little course correction this week on the health front. I’ve been sleeping bad. Late nights, little sleep… and I can’t shake it for some reason — going to my old patterns of staying up late. The feeling of a hole in the chest again.

Does anyone have any recommendations, or guides, on self hosting Ruby on Rails apps?

I am self hosting at the moment, but using a third-party between to set up the server and manage deployments.

Includes setting up cron jobs (via Whenever gem etc) and also managing setting up sidekiq queues. Not to mention managing SSL and domains too, so I can have multiple apps on the same server. And db snapshots (although I could do that myself via a CRON job).

Hard to find anything…

Anyway, bit of a long shot… and I am a little too lazy to try myself.

Laptop crisis averted. Also, the weather seems more normal. Maybe related?

Urgh. Have to nuke my laptop… not great timing.

It’s pretty windy. Wonder if there will be a cyclone too. Huge snowstorm and lightning. Kinda scary, but I enjoy it when nature says hello like this… as long as it doesn’t get worse.

I always enjoy going through some posts on the Shopify Engineering blog. Nice to see them embrace React Native so much too. And of course Ruby on Rails 🤤


Hand terminal set up from scratch. Was interesting to go through. At least search is working now. Tempted to do the same thing with my desk terminal.