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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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Planning to do some sort of livestream of developing the homepage for Sublime Ads. Any pointers of where and how I should do it? I don’t want to use YouTube.

I’ve been working my way through the Star Trek Movies. Currently at movie six - The Undiscovered Country.

Holding on to a dream

My relationship with my wife isn’t perfect. I’m beginning to wonder if it ever has been. Was I blinded by love?

It’s been a few years already where no day goes by without conflict. I don’t enjoy conflict at all. In a way I try to avoid it. Maybe I shouldn’t?

This year has been exceptionally challenging. We’d have a disagreement and then end up not talking for several days, occasionally weeks. Well, it certainly feels like weeks.

I love to hug... every day. When we can’t hug freely, something inside me dies.

Our daughter is the fruit of our labour, yet it’s pushing us apart. If she’s in trouble, then I’m in trouble. It’s always the same. If our daughter isn’t behaving and being naughty, I get included automatically. She’s very much like me but at the same time she’s 100% like my wife. I usually am in the firing line, getting shot first before questions are asked.

The resentment runs deeper and deeper these days. Being pushed away over and over, over the course of years, is having its toll on my mental health.

I’m not blaming anyone. I could be doing things differently, but I don’t. We both have strong opinions about different things. We’re total opposites, but usually on the same page in life.

All I know is, is that it’s draining. Is it normal to have disagreements with your partner? Sure. Is it normal to always do it? Probably not?

Tonight I was dreaming that my wife and I had a beautiful relationship. She was a theatre actress... I was helping out backstage.

I could see her raw sense of beauty and smile. Her beautiful eyes that you could swim in for the rest of your life. Her dreamy voice, that would make any macho man break at the knees.

It was beautiful. I didn’t want to wake up. I had love and peace in my heart.

I woke up, made her coffee, gave her a big hug. She accepted.

I hold onto the little moments like this. I hold onto my dream. Perhaps one day, with healing and love, it will come true.

Migrated over to the bedroom and working here a little bit. Bedroom WiFi is amazingly fast.

I must be tired. Had a need to register a domain name whilst doing the dishes. I checked… and it loaded something. Seems I already registered it in September! 😋

Time for breakfast I think! It’s 11:00 and here I am sitting at my computer since I came back...

New toy/friend for my desk.

Sublime Ads is nearly ready to launch 🥳 It needs more documentation and also a dedicated homepage. Everything else is minor. Really happy how far it’s gotten.

"Hey, let’s upgrade TailwindCSS in my Rails app!" … … NOPE. Build error. 😂

Me too, going to sleep

Me too!

Am working on an API usage counter for Sublime Ads… and I was testing something when a limit was reached… and then the date changed… and then I got confused because everything was working again…

Happy to say that my reset code works then 😂

Moved the HomePod from the Kitchen to the "Living Room" - so about 3 metres of where it was. It’s now next to the TV. The sound is much more amazing! Seems to be good for acoustics in that spot. TV auto plays everything on it now too… it’s pretty great!

OK, got into the thick of it now. Think I’ll be sticking with Stripe for now. I just did a too good job with it. Need to talk to my accountant next and figure out the best way to make this easier for me… EU tax is 🤯 I think I know how I should do it better/easier.

I do love technology… when it works. Think I’ll get my wired headphones out… way more reliable.

Kinda wish that the Rails Asset pipeline is faster when developing locally… like hot reloading and all that magic. But nope. Slow. Need to make a quick JS change? Wait. Yawn. Sleep. Didn’t really look for articles on it either… just happy I have webpack running and working.

Remember when I spent a few weeks adding billing to Sublime Ads? Yeah, so I’m going to try and re-implement it with a European payment provider… Wishing myself luck.

UPS driver called from downstairs. "Package for you. I’ll leave it in the lift for you."

What has this world gotten to?

Thank you for the awesome DHL driver that delivered my parcel to my hand last week. A proper warm smile, a face I could see and a nice exchange ❤️

There is a fake beach near where we live. Was nice with the snow on the trees. Some people were swimming/standing in the cold water… YES, you heard that correctly.

Fake beach

Work in progress from last night. Need to move it to the right spot now. Looking pretty nice!

Christmas Tree

Cooking, having a glass of wine and listening to Apple Music Hits. Girls are snuggling on the sofa. Life is good ❤️