Vincent Ritter

Hello, I'm Vincent. I’m a dad, husband, geek and an independent software maker of things that freelances. Check out the apps I make, personal projects I'm currently working on and other things like my thoughts and blog posts.

Does anyone have any recommendations on getting into game development? Specific to iOS and Mac ecosystem. Is Unity the go to place? I know C# so that’s ok with me. Or should I concentrate on native dev (via Xcode)?

I’ve been doing a bit of product research for my next project and it turns out that not many show off the user interface on any marketing page. You have to create an account and see what awaits... urghhh.

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro looks good on paper. Shame about their website once again. Funny to see that the keyboard is a “feature”, but I’ll give them that. Missing my old 17-inch now which no longer works. I loved that screen.

Apple is making bad calls lately... which also includes showing a trailer of a total different show and confusing you when you want to watch one of the Apple TV+ series. Such a massive shame. For All Mankind = See trailer = wtf??? Come on!!!

After all day of going back to previous working builds of Gluon… I finally found the issue. However, I don’t understand why it happened… there must have been some weird character or some spacing issue in the code that I, and the code editor, didn’t see.

So, that’s two weeks of pondering, two evenings this week and 7 hours today to fix the issue. Sometimes development is weird and comes down to probably just one little character. The worst part was that the changes worked initially, but then didn’t the next day. Maybe something was cached.

Happy to report that it’s working on both platforms now nicely. I pushed out an update to the iOS version that includes under the hood changes. Android can now progress, finally, and I’m happy that I managed to update the core project nicely.

I’m planning to launch Android from scratch, which means a new link and also a new store version. The reason for that is simple… I made a typo in version numbers but I can’t un-see it and I can’t correct it either, because Google Play Store will complain.

For a proof of concept I started up a new iOS SwiftUI project on Xcode last night. The simulator/preview worked once and then it never worked again. So frustrating. Scrap that idea then.

It’s getting close to December, which means I will attempt another one of my code challenges. I’m totally aware that I have many things going on already, but that’s how I work best. The code challenge will have to do with servers. More soon.

Sometimes I have to use Google Meet for clients. I’m happy this now works natively in Safari. Which means I no longer have to download Firefox each time and then delete it after the meeting. And yes, I used to do exactly that until today!

Ooo, interesting. Apple rejects apps being uploaded with Xcode 11.2 builds… which came out last week. You need to grab 11.2.1 from the dev portal because, naturally, the App Store version hasn’t been updated.