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I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and a software creator 👨‍💻

I create apps for the web & handhelds. Strongly opinionated.

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Decided on the new pricing plans for Sublime Ads. They are the same, except the highest one... which is now $27/month instead of $39.

Current line up (Pay what you want):

  • $4/month
  • $9/month
  • $18/month
  • $27/month

Should appeal to indie developers near and far ✌️❤️

I'm transitioning Sublime Ads to be used more by indie devs, and less by big players, so I'm scrapping the Team features. I also added the "pay what you want" model to further help devs integrate this on their budget. Still need to figure out new pricing. 30 day trial now also.

My TouchBar told me to sign in. macOS had other ideas... and took over all of Safari at the same time. Another paper cut.

Adding a few more push notification options to the app, allowing you to toggle if you want to enable them on a per account basis. By default they are on, but you can pop in over to settings if you wanted. (Not yet released).

“Feel like -9” (Celsius). Let’s head outside then 🥶

Let's see what the "mobile" software environment looks like in the next 2 years.

Decided to concentrate more on web based software for my personal stuff. Don't want to bother with mobile dev until I'm free to ship when, where and how I want. I might create some personal apps though (but nothing for releasing). Way more fun I hope.

Taking time in the shower, is magical. Two big brainwaves. Notes taken.

I believe, out of all “hype” places, Apple gets it right by using the word “ML”, Machine Learning. I don’t think they use “AI” at all. I think that’s more an accurate depiction.

Computer Aided is also a good word we should use. Not AI.

I don’t know, but using the word “AI” is premature for where we’re at. At best I’d call it just CG. Computer Generated. Nothing more. I guess they want to use “AI” because of hype.

Been playing with some AI generated images, namely for some fun and abstract/weird app icons. I wish it gave me a multi layered file in Sketch or other program 😋

Another weird, random, Apple paper cut. My wallpaper sometimes goes black either in full, or in parts. OK, "transparent" I guess. It's super weird. Mainly related to opening/closing windows. Happens multiple time a day.

Only way to get it back is to change wallpaper.

Just added an extra little option in Sublime Ads to add a portal logo into the header for the client area. That including all the other portal settings too.

I don't blog about politics. I find it boring and just propaganda. My main gripe is... none of these people (mainly dudes) are able to wear a fucking Hawaiian shirt and shorts – let's talk when that happens. Might just get interested. Until then. No. ✌️