Vincent Ritter

Hello, I'm Vincent. I’m a dad, husband, geek and an independent software maker of things that freelances. Check out the apps I make, personal projects I'm currently working on and other things like my thoughts and blog posts.

Just finished reading Caliban’s War (Book 2 of the Expanse series) 📚 Great story. Although, just like Book 1, the ending felt somewhat rushed. Going to read book 3 for sure.

The frustrating part of learning more about Apple Arcade games is that the App Store listing preview text (shown without tapping the “more” button) always starts the same.

“Play [Some Game] with Apple Arcade, a game subscription service...” blah blah

They should rename “smartphone” to “PC” because that’s exactly what it is. A Personal Computer.

Looking for testers for Status, an app for

I’m looking for some brave people to try out my other app called Status. It’s an app that you can use for It’s in a “pre-alpha” at the moment and has still a way to go. iOS only at the moment. Interested?

When I say “pre-alpha” I mean exactly that. This is what works:

  • Login with both read-only and full access tokens.
  • See all your checks.
  • See any checks that are down.
  • Webhooks can be seen also.
  • You can view all the updown nodes.
  • You can register for push notifications, so the app notifies you when something goes down. More on this in a moment.
  • You can enable and disable checks.
  • Very basic check detail screen. This one is going to take some time.

Regarding push notifications: this will register a unique device token on a small API that I wrote, which in turn creates a webhook at the updown end. This is all happening in-app and no updown token or any other personal info is shared with my API. Once updown sees a site down, it will send the details to the Status API, which in turns sends out a nice push notification.

It’s been working well the past few times.

My current home screen. Great quote by Bruce Lee:

One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.

I’ve been using Outlook on iOS the past few days. I really like that A: it works and B: it has the concept of a “focused” inbox. So I’ll only get notified when someone emails me directly. Other mail like bills etc don’t seek attention. Nice!

Just sketching out some ideas for a really simple web template/layout for my apps like Gluon or Status. Ideally something I could re-use easily without much hassle. Let’s see. Notebook and pen at the ready!

Not a very productive week for me so far. However, not every day or week is perfect. I’m sure in a few days I’ll be back in the swing of things. Perhaps my mind needs some time to think… let’s see what it comes up with.

Just been using Windows for a bit, installing a few apps and services. One thing that strikes me… Apple’s own apps are really bad on it. It’s like they make no effort. Compare that to Microsoft products on the Mac… they really do their best. Not perfect, but still really great.

A good example would be OneDrive. It integrates really well into Windows and also, surprisingly, into macOS too. I wish Apple took a few pages from “the other companies”. And I also think they should take that to their own platforms too.

I know it’s not in Apple’s interest, I totally get it, but the quality of apps you get seems to be, lately, much nicer from third parties. Even if it’s on a third party platform.

Inbox Zero achieved.

And only 2 flagged emails (4 messages)… not 8! Catalina Mail bugs are great!

I was dreaming, the past few nights, that I was converting over to use Microsoft Windows and the Surface Pro line as my main devices… Interesting thoughts for sure.

There are 3 books on my bedside table. That’s 3 more than I usually have. I’m happy I started reading. 📚

I’m working on a nice client project that also includes sound clips of certain animals. But when I download them,  Music stops playing and adds the file to my library and plays it… 😭

The Books app in iOS13 has a new feature that gives you reading goals and other gamification. If you like reading on your devices but don’t want to gamify it, like I do, you can turn it off in the Settings app (-> Books -> Reading Goals).

I’m thinking of adding a “Save this planet” section to my apps (in settings or so). It could include links on great charities that one can donate to and perhaps spread more awareness about that whole topic.

A new quirk of mine… once I finish my coding sessions… I close all active windows and collapse the folders. So when I come back, I only see this:

Really great to focus on what you want to work on in that moment. A bit of zen to chaos.