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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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An iOS device/iPhone with no App Store... I would buy that. Just the core Apple experience.

Worked a little bit on Sublime Ads tonight, only around 30 mins. Tweaked some buttons and text. I’d love to launch it soon. Next week I’ll spend time on documentation and work on slightly better embedding options. Then it’s ready as the MVP I imagined.

Not gonna lie… I glued up my watch so I can use it for a few days/weeks. I didn’t wear it for around 4 months now. It’s been a little bit weird, to this day. I can function without it no problem… only problem is that I reach for my phone more often, even though it’s hidden away.

Mainly for music and other things that I could be doing with the watch… and paying for things. So, let’s see if it lasts for a few days/weeks. The less I have to reach my phone the better. Better yet, I strongly believe that the watch is the best balance between staying connected (in the house) and usefulness without the rope in of what a phone can do - and not wasting your time. Not only that, I just want to know if I’m staying healthy and getting that little nudge…

Something like the Apple Watch is the device of the future… and I can’t wait to see where it goes in the next few years.

I’m not too concerned about connectivity outside the home, I’d rather just be on my own without distractions… however it would be nice.

In Poland only one carrier supports it, and it’s not mine… plus there is no way I am paying for a contracted plan. Once we get past that hurdle with carriers and Apple adopting a “phone free” setup… that will be the day my phone becomes 100% obsolete… and the day I buy a “Cellular” version.

It’s Friday… in the middle of September. Where did August and most of September go??? app idea: A real simple app, that just focuses on mentions and replies. 🤔

This morning, we worked hard to fix a problem with some changes on how we deal with the Twilio API rate limits. And to say we hit rate limits means the online event was absolutely packed and a problem we didn’t even think of! The first event took place yesterday, which then continues for a few days. So it was an absolute great test of the platform. Nothing like a “LIVE” test!

We started at around 19:00 and went to bed at 05:00. It was mainly the chat module, one of my little babies, that needed tweaking to accommodate API changes - and also found a few bugs and edge cases on the way. Everything deployed and worked like a dream on the preview server, after a few failed attempts with wrong chat permissions from Twilio. Unfortunately the live site didn’t want to work... 2 hours of headaches with the exact same logic for that site… and at the end, we had to give up because the next event started at 06:00 so we couldn’t risk a deploy anymore.

We changed back to an earlier commit we made at 20:00...

This change will probably not see the light of day for another few weeks now as we wait for the “live” event to finish tomorrow. Then we’ll come back to the event platform we’ve been working on so it’s more robust for the next client/s. Except a few hiccups, we’re at 95% awesomeness!

It’s hard to do anything meaningful when you’re tired… you slow down… your brain just doesn’t want to work. Pushing out every single drop of “logic” is draining at 05:00 in the morning. Everything is blurry… you mind is fuzzy… you’re hungry… your fingers don’t want to type what you’re thinking.

Not having our change work on the live site was a real blow to the hard work we put in… but it happens sometimes. I know that. And I know that we’ll get to use the new change in a future update… so in the end, it’s one thing less we have to do.

A stressful few weeks/months and I’m glad I can personally move on and rest for the rest of the week and get back into some of my own stuff for a little while. This project is far from over, so back into it in a few weeks.

Nearly 5AM… debugging, change requests and helping… 😭

Not sure if it’s me, but the new AirPods update seems to add a bit more bass to music. Which is NICE! Switching between the devices is nice… but it seems it doesn’t do it with the laptop 🙄 Haven’t tried spacial audio yet… don’t have the Apple TV app on iOS anymore...

Apparently the client project is now live. That means bedtime and recovery.

Weeks like this are a total exception… but to think that I worked like this for years on end only a few years ago… ufffff.

15:00… only coffee and breakfast today. Need to stop and have lunch and then sleep. 😭

Deleted Visual Studio Code yesterday. Reclaimed 2GB of space from my machine. Been using Nova since Friday full time. It’s great. A little bit different to what I’m used to… but I will learn.

Not going to lie… been working late nights on a client project. I can’t even think anymore. Can’t function as a human being. I’m a robot. On autopilot. Worst project to date… another sign that I need to move away from client work before I hit 40.

Apple Music on the web… I’m logged in, my profiles shows, my library shows. Can I play a full song? No, no I cannot. Only a preview plays. 😭

Done for the day. Tired. I’ll do a little write up on Sublime Ads over the weekend. Also used Nova all day too. Was nice.

I’m really digging these slightly rotated dropdowns in Sublime Ads

Experimenting with a “day range” picker… works nice. Gonna add a custom date range at some stage too.

Whoop. I have an initial embed script ready for Sublime Ads 🥳

Started work on the JS embed for Sublime Ads. In OTHER news… I am totally for off angles now! Please be aware this will trickle to all my projects from now on. Straightness is BORING. Give it a try if you’re on the beta.

I only listened to episode 000 but it’s really great so far and love the energy between “three white dudes” - Hemispheric Views by Martin, Andrew, and Jason. Need someone in Europe too, to balance out the difference of time zones 😋