Vincent Ritter

I'm having this crazy thought as of late... I really want to try and treat my phone like I treat my wallet.

When I'm out, I take my wallet and thus phone. When I'm back, I put my wallet in the drawer (don't tell anyone!). I want to do the same with my phone.

I'm not sure what it is, perhaps that black empty void of a screen that is always staring at me... Or if it's the fear of checking stuff. Small distractions eating away at me inside.

I have an Apple Watch, which I love. It doesn't distract me much, except when something important happens. It tells the time and anything important I want to know, without sucking me in.

The Mac should be my primary device for seriously getting into details when I need to know them.

Sure, the phone is useful... but not really that much at home.

Watching people when we're out, being sucked into the screen... it unsettles me somewhat. Sure, they have their genuine and great uses... and great to kill time whilst you wait. But it's really unsettling. Not sure why.

I want to go back to basics. Be happy with what is around me and in the room. Knowing that if I need it, I have my phone for that occasion.