Vincent Ritter

What's better:

  1. Receive a billing email even if the balance to pay is 0.
  2. Receive no billing email unless there is something to pay.

Or, even better - change the behaviour of the billing email (when nothing to pay), and instead of saying "You need to pay X amount" you can say something like "Good news, there is nothing to pay" and something along the lines of "You are still subscribed" so the user is aware that they are actively subscribed to the service.

I'm asking, because services like Mailgun, IBM Bluemix and others send you a long unnecessary email to say nothing is due but their subjects are "Your bill is now available" or include words like "Your next monthly bill for service is due on..." etc.

Just annoying really.

I know Apple Search Ads just send you an email when you've spent something, so that is good. I'm sure others do it too.