Vincent Ritter

Gluon - An update for Android fans

Yesterday I sat with Michal (@michal on and we had a quick talk about Gluon and my recent blog post explaining why I’d like to discontinue it for Android.

Whilst most things in this article are true, I had a change of heart!

So, instead of dumping it I’m going to be creating a special build just for Android. This probably won’t have feature parity of the iOS version, but will have most of the Gluon DNA.

I’ll be starting from scratch with a minimal build using what I know. I’ll take to heart performance and also use the minimal build tools I can use to get the best out of React Native and Android.

With a fresh start I can also start looking into build size and actual frameworks that are needed instead of just blindly installing defaults that I used. This will make me sleep easier at night.

I’d rather have a slimmer Android version than a bloated app or, worst, no app at all.