Vincent Ritter

My 2019/20 code challenges

I’m not sure if the term “code challenge” is actually correct, as I love creating these products. However I do learn from them on a coding level and perhaps also design.

Whilst this probably seems like a New Years resolution, it certainly isn’t. The timing for this is just a coincidence. Resolutions for me are things I look at every 3 months as I take stock of what I’m doing, what I’m not doing and where I’m failing. The past 6 months have been busy on the client front so I didn’t have too much time on anything personal.

Now that it’s quiet I thought it would be a great idea where I want to head towards within the next year or two, especially as I want to find a way of generating income from other sources that don’t require so much work. Passive income is the word. Not everything I’ll cover here will be directly for the passive income part of what I’m wanting to achieve.

So, here is a quick overview list of what I’m planning:

  • A homegrown CMS - my home built CMS (I’ve got a name for it… but I’m not ready to reveal that just yet). I've got a great CMS running this site already, however there is nothing like doing it yourself.
  • Gluon 2.0 - this will be a complete re-write of Gluon, the third-party app for
  • Invoicing - a service for freelancers and small business, to allow you to issue invoices.
  • Simple Schedule 2.0 - coming back to this to add missing features and expand it a bit.
  • Stretch goal - Sublime Feed - a feed reader and sync service for the web, iOS and Android. (Yeah I know… this was a 2018 goal - plans are plans after all)

I’ll blog about each one as I find time. I’m going to attempt these in no particular order and will be sharing much more as I go. There needs to be a few tweaks on my website so I can display all these nicely…

Anyway, hope I wetted the appetite a bit of what's coming. I'm particularly looking forward to blogging about them.