Vincent Ritter

A week in review - Week 1, 2019

With the first week of the year coming to a close I thought I'll do a little write up of what I've been doing. The purpose is to guide me on my journey to becoming calmer.

I'll start from Wednesday, as I was still in holiday mode on Monday and Tuesday.

  • Wednesday: I started by looking at a few emails and writing down a few things that I want to concentrate on. Took care of a few tiny coding related things. Also started work on Vorto, just to get me into the mindset again - bit of Ruby on Rails fun. Then it was already time to pick up my daughter at Kindergarten. Had a bit of 'fear of missing work' (FOMW) in the evening. I played Stardew Valley until 03:00 AM.
  • Thursday: Took some time to work on Vorto and also make some personal plans on what I want to achieve with it on a timescale front. I then looked at alternatives to building native apps on Android, specifically for Gluon. I mentioned that I don't want to write my app with Javascript. So I installed Visual Studio for Mac and had a very quick play with the Xamarin framework. Looks promising. I'll have to write C# but that's fine with me, it's what I used to do in a past life. Had more FOMW in the evening...
  • Friday: Had to go to the dentist at lunch time, that ruined my day. So went out after and ate Sushi at the local Japanese. Thankfully they changed the music so it wasn't a pain to sit and eat. In the evening I worked on Vorto a little. FOMW was over the roof! Watched The Hobbit (part 1) in the evening.
  • Saturday: Had a chilled day. Didn't open my laptop until the evening. Spent time playing and being with my daughter and wife. Lego building! Also stayed in to watch a few movies together. Was nice! Had the urge to code in the evening, so I opened up the laptop and booted up Xcode... however I stopped myself from writing any code, that would violate my new calmer approach to work. Watched The Hobbit (part 2) with my wife and had a glass of home made wine (Thanks Michal!), or two. To my amazement I picked up a book (fiction) that I wanted to read. I read 5 pages of "The Windup Girl" in bed. I haven't read much fiction in my life (maybe 5 books, but never to the end!), I usually prefer factual/science books.
  • Sunday: Today was relaxed, we all woke up at 10:30 and had a relaxing breakfast. My wife and I finished the movie from last night whilst our daughter was playing in her room nicely. Always great when she manages to play nicely by herself. We usually have to play with her. We left at 13:00 and went for a nice walk along the frozen river. It was too cold to make a snow man, the snow was too icy. I then cooked something for us on our return at 15:30. My secret passion is to cook simple meals (Asian/Japanese inspired). We watched Moana with our daughter, followed by playing 1.5 hours with Lego - although I wasn't allowed to use all the parts, she was giving me specific instructions. I didn't work at all today.
Walking along the river next to our place. My wife pulling our daughter whilst I took the picture.

Overall, I think it was a slow week. Though slow enough to take notice of my mood and other various things like the fear of not working. It was great to be able to take notice and stop my urges to go to my laptop to "work".

The week ahead I'll be ramping it up a little, however I'm happy that I took a slower approach this week. I'm feeling happy, except that tooth business...

Tonight I'll finish off by either playing a game or reading a book. My old passionate gamer in me is calling though... so it's probably already decided what I'll do.