Vincent Ritter

Gluon - initial reply functionality, more settings and an update on the Android build

I’m about to ship another update out for anyone using Gluon. This build (20190308.1) introduces a few things, the most important being the reply functionality.


The design is still edgy and needs much more work on it. However it works pretty well so far and I’m super happy. It also takes your selected font style and accent. Although I think there is too much of the “Accent” on the page, so I’ll tweak it. You can swipe left on any feed item and you’ll call up the reply screen. Here is a quick screenshot:

Depending on the theme, you’ll get the correct keyboard type too.

There is still much work to be done here and I want to style links and add things like markdown tags and autocomplete for users.

Anyway, I hope that this makes Gluon a little bit more useful to everyone.

More settings

I’ve added the ability to set your preference on avatar shape. So if you want them round you can do so.

Also, if I didn’t mention it here yet, I added the ability to reduce or increase the spacing between timeline items. Apparently the big space wasn’t for everyone, so now you can choose what you prefer. I’ll probably add more options around that as time goes.

I’ll use your currently used Account/Profile image… so don’t worry, it won’t be me you’re gonna see all the time.

And here is how the round avatars look:

I hope that this makes a few people happy.

An update on Android

It hasn’t gone as planned. I’m having problems with the production build not running. I know the reason, but I just didn’t have it in me to get to the bottom of it all.

I’m going to spend some dedicated time on this early next week as priority as I really like to get something to Android users.

Will keep everyone posted on progress.

Closing thoughts

It’s approaching 02:30 AM so it’s time to head to bed and relax… although I’m already in bed, coding, writing, for the past 3 hours.

Next week I’m going to work on posting and perhaps also conclude a few other areas like the user profile view and the “following” screen too. But we’ll see.

Thanks to everyone using Gluon already, for your kind words and really great feedback.