Vincent Ritter

Random stats and thoughts on the Disneyland trip

We came back last Sunday from a week away to Disneyland Paris. I thought I’ll share some quick thoughts and stats on the trip part.

We drove roughly 1050 miles, one way. That’s 2100 miles in total. We were in the car for much of 34 hours. We didn’t push it too much and took regular breaks (every 3 - 4 hours). The first leg was hard; 10 hours on the sat nav doesn’t seem too much… but it was!

The hotels we stayed at on the journey to Disneyland:

  • Hilton (Hampton) - Frankfurt am Main Airport - Germany (10 hours drive, without breaks)
  • Newport Bay (our main hotel for the week) - Disneyland (~ 4 - 5 hour drive from Frankfurt)

The hotels we stayed at on the return journey:

  • Radisson Blu (one night before our big journey back) - Disneyland Paris - we opted to stay the day in Disneyland and wouldn’t tempt the journey back until the next day. Gave us an extra full day at the parks. (5 - 10 minute drive from Newport - if you include the turn left traffic light… 20 minutes).
  • Hilton - Dresden - Germany. Hotel was OK, dirty city (everything is black). (~ 9 hours drive from Disneyland) - this was a last minute decision as I wasn’t up to drive all day and night back home.

The best driving was in Germany, people just know how to drive there. France was second place, although I don’t get the way they drive there (relaxed and lazy it seems). Poland… worst place in the world to date. I don’t like driving here. It’s the wild west and they disregard any safety (with or without kids). Enough said before I get angry and depressed.

Europe is incredibly beautiful!

Except most of Poland, the fresh air smelled like freshly fertilised fields for most parts of west Germany and east of France.

As expected, we filled the car full of stuff from Disneyland - which would have made flying difficult on this occasion. Driving and staying at the hotels was cheaper than flying 5 fold.

I missed the quality of Polish food whilst away. Best food we had was on the way back during one of our stops… in Poland.

On the first day when leaving to Disneyland, it was 36 degrees Celsius… pretty hot. Even hotter when we stopped for a break. Concrete gets hot!

We refuelled the car twice each way. Happy with that.

Speaking German was funny for me. Good to practice again I guess. I understand everything though. If only I could speak Polish at the same capacity (I’ll never learn - I gave up for this year to learn).

Overall it was a great little trip, although very tiring.

I miss it already. Many childhood memories surfacing! I had to hide my teary eyes as we left Disneyland… even just writing this makes me all teary.

We’ll certainly go back.