Vincent Ritter

Sometimes I feel lost. Unsure if I’m doing the right things. Unsure if life has more to offer. Unsure where I live is the right place. It’s like a voice inside my head trying to say something to me but not able to speak. I can only hear it mumble parts of words. Do I make up the rest of the words in my mind? Is my brain trying to set me down a specific path? I don’t know. Am I happy or unhappy? Am I bored? It’s been on my mind a lot recently. I walk a certain path with a map but then, like magic, I have a new map with a different trail. The mystery of life. I made many missteps, maybe too many. Am I heading into another wrong turn? Are things slowing down for good or bad? Or am I, in fact, doing everything right and the weather just hasn’t set? Am I already in paradise?