Vincent Ritter

Status for - Initial check details header styling, read only api keys and re-auth screens

Made some more progress with Status. Although it doesn’t seem much “customer facing”, I’ve done a lot behind the scenes especially handling logging in again if, for some reason, your API key becomes invalid.

Also started to implement the “read-only” check. If you’re using you’ll know there are two keys you can use. With that in mind, I also had to add a re-auth screen.

Before I worked on that, though, I started work on the initial header of the actual “check” details screen. So far I’m pretty happy with the results. Here’s a few early screenshots.

Quick summary in the header of your uptime. If you have an alias set, it’ll show that together with the URL underneath. You can tap on that and it will take you to the URL in question.

This one shows an error right at the top of the page, with the corresponding error message.

Of course you can pull to refresh to update the necessary check. If it comes back to life, it’ll go nice and green again (except perhaps the uptime - which depends on the percentage).

If you have a bad SSL, it’ll show that too. I still need to populate the whole screen with data… so more details will be shown soon.

Before I go, here is a screenshot of the re-auth modal that pops up if your API key becomes invalid for some reason:

I’m using the same screen, without the big error, for re-authenticating with another key - for example if you logged in with a read-only key.

The settings screen also reflects what kind of API key you have… and will also tell you if it’s invalid.

Tapping on that will bring up the re-auth screen.

Overall happy with the achievement today.