Vincent Ritter

A thought about what makes a good social network is that the underlying company/corporation should always be a Public Benefit Corporation or similar for the public good. Not a normal organisation. I think this should be a law, set in stone, for any underlying social network.

There should be no exchange of VC funds for this sort of company. Donations are fine but no obligations of any sort of sponsorship.

Having shareholders and, suit and ties, to answer to is wrong. It leads to… well… what we actually have now.

I feel that you should be able to make a profit with it, but you shouldn’t have your values destroyed because now you need to lick someone’s brown bottom and please the overlords. No thanks. I think people/unicorns/corporations are blinded by this fact.

Be yourself, not someone you think you should be or what others want you to be (although let your users decide).