Vincent Ritter

I’m about push out and update for Gluon, on iOS, that will tweak a few things especially the swipe actions on a cell. Also worked on speeding up the navigation to a conversation. It used to wait until the screen opened before fetching any data, but now it goes ahead and does it as you tap the post or conversation button.

As a test, I removed the “see who they’re following” on profiles. Is it important? Does the Discovery section not allow you to make your own decision whom to follow? Should I create a special screen that will load random profiles? Feedback welcome. Personally I’d like to just randomly find people that pop up on Discover. It gives a better feeling of “chance encounters”. The profile data you get back from the following count isn’t enough to give you a sense of whom they are anyway… just a name and username.

Anyway, here are the new swipe actions: