Vincent Ritter

Hoping for a better future for frontend development

Last week I listened to the Ruby Rogues episode 428 podcast… and I’m really looking forward to what they have in store when it comes to a frontend framework. I think it’s going to be worth holding on for. The way frontend development works this day and age is just wrong. The episode certainly struck a chord.

True… my day to day evolves around popular “modern” frameworks like React, but I certainly think there is room for something much better and clearer. It certainly is a shit show at the moment.

One thing I love about Ruby, and I guess Rails, is that there is an easy barrier of entry. You can come from zero experience and get something going. Ruby is a beautiful language which makes it easier for you as a developer to bring your ideas to life. It’s lovely to read and gets out of your way so you can pretty much express yourself in your code.

Something like this needs to exist for frontend also. It certainly isn’t React or whatever other hot new framework. We have HTML and CSS, the building blocks. Now we just need to find a low entry barrier for making it great together.

Given the choice today I’d always build HTML and CSS first (server side). With a sprinkle of lightweight Javascript to enhance certain areas. But never full-on JS first approach. I know… it “depends” on the project.

What is sad though, is that these frameworks are popular… so when a client comes knocking they think they want it and demand it.

Anyway, here is hoping for the future of something better with a low barrier of entry to save us developers… or perhaps just the ones that want to be saved.

Coming from a pilot’s perspective I see it like this: I’m flying on autopilot with what is given to me, but when I have control I only have myself and my experience on what to do and what not. This translates to me… “do the work you are given, guide if you can, and once you are truly in control on your own projects do what’s right with the right tools. It’s my choice”.

Hard to explain I guess.

Anyway, here is for a hopefully better future of frontend development.