Vincent Ritter

This quote on Daring Fireball hits the nail on the head of something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately:

Larry taught me the value of taking the user’s point of view; using heuristics to work magic; to look at all the cases. Much more than inventing copy and paste, he invented it as a writing tool, not a code-editing tool, for people who didn’t understand computers.

I do want to write a longer post about this, however it needs more thought before I fully publish my article… but when I look at the IndieWeb movement, I just think to myself: “Most people don’t care about what it does. It just has to do the job, be quick and easy to use and not overwhelm people with technical jargon”.

I see many buzz words flying around, but they mean nothing to anyone outside of the “tech” circle. As a user I just want to set up an account, have a nice app to use, and get using. I don’t care what is behind it, I don’t really care about those technicalities… just give me a good product and a pretty website, and/or app, that works well and gets the job done.

As a user I don’t want to set up “Web mentions” or “Pings” or whatever else. I’m a consumer after all, not a coder (and I don’t mean me personally, but as a “I’m a normal consumer looking for something better").

Technology should be invisible to most people. It should just work.