Vincent Ritter

Last week, I did an experiment to wake up before 06:00 AM. So every day, except this weekend, I was getting up at 05:30. That gave me 15 minutes to make some toast and coffee (and 15 minutes to wake up). I started my work at 06:00 after the coffee kicked in. I could work 2 hours in the morning before everyone else was up (my daughter and wife).

It was nice. I am usually the night person, and battle through until I’m too tired. Instead I want to battle through in the morning, once I had sufficient sleep… less mistakes and quite possibly less long-term brain damage.

Of course all of this will go south as soon as the clocks change… AGAIN. So I need to make adjustments a week before that happens…

I really hope I can continue this morning routine, it’s very refreshing and different. Whilst the window I face here in my mini living room corner office doesn’t face east, I still get to see it getting brighter… which is amazing. A real change from watching darkness ascend and then followed by a “no sleep” sunrise.

Here is to tomorrow, another early start. Alarms are set and adjusted for the new schedule.