Vincent Ritter

This upcoming week’s challenge is to start meditating again. I had a good streak last year but then lost it, although it went on for a good while. I was going through a difficult time and was getting bogged down with negativity which affected everything in my life.

I’m unusually happy most of the time, no idea why. Maybe it was my lung operations and all the pain, or perhaps it’s just the way I’m wired due to a slightly difficult past - it wasn’t easy being the German kid in an English school in the 90’s/early 00’s!

Mediation gives me a way to observe more instead of bogging down my mind with pretty useless stuff (useless if you actually think about how much your mind just talks shit all the time).

It also gave me better energy for my day to day things I do. I had a clearer mind when driving, picking up more of the now than whatever was going on my brain. The same was true for working… just room to be in the moment and processing just what I needed at the time. My happy level exceeded my normal happy levels.

If I continue neglecting minding my own mental health, especially now, I’d hate to go back to a level of bad mental health of the teenage years - no thank you.

Off to bed now, my meditation week starts tomorrow and I’m excited!