Vincent Ritter

My night wasn’t great. I went to bed a little later than I wanted, my mind was quite active. I think I finally fell asleep at around midnight.

At 01:38 my wife decided to be loud (one of those days/weeks… you know)… so that wasn’t great. I had the bedroom door closed as she was watching some horror movie. She banged the door open and then proceeded to get ready for bed and was just super noisy. I don’t know why this has to be like that… I’m always tiptoeing around making as little noise as possible when people sleep.

I took my pillow and blanket and migrated to the sofa. Lights were starting to get turned on, so I escaped. Still though, didn’t manage to escape much of the noise. Shame.

Falling asleep didn’t happen. Since Friday I’m having a little trouble with butterflies in my chest at regular intervals… let’s call that stress for a moment. My heart is fine. However I did put on my Apple Watch just for some measurements…

I tried controlled breathing, but not to much success as my mind just took over every single moment it could. This went on for around an hour, it was now close to 02:30. I tried a little Reiki on myself, trying to remember what I’ve been taught. Again, not too much success.

I grabbed my phone and started reading… finished Waking Up by Sam Harris. I’ve dipped into it on and off the past few months, so it was actually nice to finish it.

Eventually I got tired enough and my body and mind gave up to sleep.

My watch was still on me and tapped me gently at 05:30. I skipped it. I woke up naturally at 07:30.

Now I’m drinking a small cup of coffee whilst writing this.

I need to make changes to my life this week, so I’m taking the day off for some “self” and try and heal so I can sleep better this week.