Vincent Ritter

Played with my daughter this afternoon, which was fun. I kinda forgot about what is troubling me. She had fun for sure. Then I made some food. Salmon with cooked kale and cabbage, on the side, cooked with ginger, soya sauce and a few herbs. Rice and groats to go with it all. I wish our daughter would eat Salmon and the veggies...

I didn’t last long though, and stood up and plopped down in bed - feeling lethargic today. I think it was 15:00… now it’s approaching 18:00 and I’m slowly awake.

Took some measurements on my watch. Heart rate was good during the nap. ECG looked good and blood oxygen seemed fine - it was at 92% when I woke up… but a second measurement showed 100% and 97%. I seem to range between 92% and 100% since I have the new watch. I think that’s OK. I like that it does background measurements.

This morning I wrote a big email to someone, and in a way that has helped me today. Thank you David for emailing out of the blue. You know who you are. It’s helping me release a few things deeply locked in inside.

I haven’t exercised since Friday. I didn’t skip a day since the watch arrived. Again I think this is OK. I don’t want to over exert myself right at this time.

Thinking of taking another day just to myself tomorrow.

I like writing these notes.