Vincent Ritter

😂 So, let me tell you how politics seems to work in Poland. All the restrictions to date are unlawful due to Poland never passing a State of Emergency — because they were more concerned about their elections last year. And then you get headlines like this:

Number of illegally reopened restaurants 'terrifying”, says official

Which actually is quite funny because it’s not, officially and according to legal law, illegal at all. All the restaurants (and everything else actually) are legally be allowed to be open, by law — no matter what the government is saying. Most of them, if given a fee by the "sanitary" department are now going to court over the fees — owners are winning because lawyers are stating the fact it’s not illegal.

Most people are of course following the illegal laws set by the government. However, people are just getting annoyed now. According to the article, 20,000 restaurants are now opened.

Now the funny thing to top all that… if they do decide to pass a state of emergency, which I think they will do because they are real ugly bullies, it is still against the constitution of Poland. Which is above everything. 😂

The government here owns most if the media, especially where I got the above headline. No one speaks truths… with everything going on, we need the truth and not some "along the lines" of truth — nothing that you’ll get from the current clowns in charge.

The Polish people have a strong personality, and I can see it finally coming out with more and more people. Everything needs, and should be, questioned — and more people are questioning everything these days. Polish people don’t want to be oppressed or locked up, you got history to thank for that.

If we are following the law to a T, then everything to date are just "guidelines" and nothing else. Always have been, and always will be.