Vincent Ritter

Sublime Ads — Tags & Accents

Deployed a small update to allow you to add a tag to your ad. This can be very useful for displaying alongside your integrations — for example if it’s a "Podcast" you can set that as your tag and display it nicely. Here is an example one set up…

(You can see the tag underneath the Edit button)

I want to show some featured podcasts in an upcoming version of Gluon, so I wanted that feature as perhaps a "category" might not be enough.

Next up is the "accent" colour. This is actually the same as the previous "label colour" but has now been re-purposed and renamed.

Both of these values now come through via the API Ad object. Check out the documentation concerning the ad object and for general info on adding an ad.

Also made a few minor UI tweaks and some wording tweaks.

I love developing for the web, because I can work on small features and just get them out there — no review process, no gatekeeper!