Vincent Ritter

Early days, but out of most music streaming services… Tidal, Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music… I’m greatly enjoying Apple Music because of the app. It’s not perfect, but it still is the best. AM can be slow to load, but I have to just hope it improves.

I also love the fact that they support different system themes… which all others clearly lack.

Deezer had the worst Mac app (electron based, like the other ones except AM. However it made no attempt to work with system controls like skipping tracks etc.)

Spotify and Tidal look the same to me. Their dark theme is nice, but no light theme. However I feel that both electron apps are look too busy.

I’ve been using Spotify before Apple came into the scene… and their app still looks identical — it would be nice if they did something fresh. Also don’t like the way they push Podcasts into your face. It’s not music, it shouldn’t be there.

Tidal… don’t like the logo. Reminds of a rapper neck chain/necklace thing. Also too close to a cross (if you get me). Master quality sounds for their music… I tried real hard on different great headphones and the HomePod… sounds the same to me what I get from Apple Music.

Anyway, nice little experiment. I never really spent too much time away from Apple Music. It’s my go to for music for a long time now.

Spotify and Tidal paid plans together are still cheaper than what I pay for Apple Music though.