Vincent Ritter


Ah yes, another year... another birthday day for me. I turn 35 today. 35. I'm letting that sink in a little bit. 35 is still quite young.

Trying to go back in the depths of memories of the past 35 years, it does seem like a lot has changed since then. Ha. Not to mention my hair line not really existing anymore - hence I wear a hat of course.

10 years ago, come September, I married my beautiful wife. Our daughter now 7 years of age and growing up so super fast it's not even funny. I love seeing her grow mentally and physically. Such a great feeling to be part of that... even though sometimes I fail at pretty much everything to do with family.

Looking back at the past year it has been a fun ride on my project front. I launched Sublime Ads, a super simple privacy focused ad management service for apps, websites and others. It's something I always wanted to create and also get into one of my own apps, Gluon.

Gluon, an app for, has grown into something beautiful, and I am so super thankful that it exists and that there are so many great people using it. It gives me direction and hope. It shows you that a quick "app hack" can turn into something great. I would have never thought it would have come so far.

Saying all that, I am grateful where I have managed to head in the past year, even though it was a bit slower than I wanted.

Mental health has been important for me. It's been really hard not to just curl up in a corner and never face humanity again. There were days where I just wanted to stop. Throw away my phone, laptops... everything. Disappear. I lost hope in humanity, now walking zombies with zero brain matter... their phone deciding for them. It's sad. But then I came to realise... "each to their own". Everyone is welcome to do what they want and how they spend their time. Whilst I want to feel like Neo in The Matrix and educate people... this is not reality. All I can do is not create dark patterns in my own stuff to get you hooked. As a developer, I feel it’s my responsibility. Gluon isn't perfect, because it is something that can pull you in and take your time away. At the same time I recognise that people, and myself, use it to find comfort and escape from reality. This gives me joy. If, and Gluon, didn't exist I would have lost it by now.

Saying all that, I found it helpful to get comfort from random strangers regarding personal matters that I sometimes blog about. I won't mention them here as they are specific to the moment.

Looking at the future, specifically what I want to achieve in my 35 time, I don't really know. I basically just want to do what I do now. For another year and onwards.

I want to double down, as they say, on what I have. Namely Gluon for this next year. I don't want to say too much about it yet though. Also I want to add a few features to Sublime Ads. Nothing major. As a stretch goal I want to create a new web app for writing to take on HEY World.

In terms of personal goals, I didn't set any as such this year although sometimes I blog about it saying I want to achieve "less work" or something. Less work, more money haha.

I am exercising nicely, took on horse riding as a hobby, and I am eating good. Let's try and continue that, until I fall off the horse haha.

Happy birthday to you, if it's your day. If not, Happy unbirthday.