Vincent Ritter

The last few days have been tough. Online I’ve been noticing so much hate speech.

We already have so much hate in this world, and now it is more. Don’t label someone just because they do or do not. You don’t know them or their circumstances — personal, psychologically, medically or otherwise. You are not them. They might seem stupid, or not, but again — you do not know.

You are you. No one else.

Treat people with respect no matter what colour of skin, religion, faith and lately their choices. We already have enough of this shit in the world. I thought it might be getting better, but now it’s just getting worse.

You’re not helping if you continue to hate and profile things you have no personal understanding of (because you are not this person). Take a step back and think… think if someone close to you spoke like you do.

Spread your story, but don’t shit on people that you do not know.

On the internet it’s so easy to hate… and it also easily translates into the real world.

I have an internal mantra that I don’t want to be around people that bring me pure sadness. This is true here also with so much hate.

Do what is right for you and don’t judge someone because they took a different path. Everyone has their own road they walk.

The world needs more love, now more than ever.

Each to their own.