Vincent Ritter

Spent an hour behind the TV before we left today, as I was waiting, and pulled out the Xbox and cleared out some cables too. It is pretty neat back there as is, but always good to give it a nice clean. Nice to see less stuff around the TV also — granted it’s only one big black box, but still.

Also had my Sound Sticks at the back of there, so I took them… they never get used as we are stuck with the HomePod. Only ever used them with the Xbox… so pretty much just wasted energy. When our original TV died (I miss it!), we bought a new one — and because we seemingly rushed, I bought one without a headphone jack (which the speakers use). It was dumb… but now I’m stuck with it until it also dies.

Happy with the result so far. More I can be doing to dumb down a few things and have less boxes lying around. There is one big gathering of gear in the storage cupboard, so I’ll spend a weekend soon and clear it out and sort it nicely.

The Xbox might be missed, but I’d rather just exercise or read a book from now on. I used to play so much as kid and teenager, enough for my lifetime. Most games are terrible anyway. Nothing feels original anymore… just like movies I guess. With the games I played I learned some real life skills like map reading, an immaculate 3D spatial awareness of where things are around me, and other useful skills. I always attribute my gaming to my skills as a pilot. Modern games make it too easy.

Ah, also pulled the ethernet cable from the IKEA smart lights (they’re not so smart). Remotes still work and that’s fine for my use case. Siri doesn’t even take my requests anymore anyway, so that’s fine — won’t miss anything here.

I’m careful not to buy things I don’t need. I’d rather replace them, when they eventually just die, with something true and tested… and that doesn’t need software updates.