Vincent Ritter

Instead of buying a MagSafe Battery Pack for all my different tech devices (get it?) for $99, I splashed out at $50 for a Hiluckey 26800mAh portable solar pack. Charges everything I care about 8 or more times via 2x USB and Qi charger on the other side. We’re going hiking soon, and that is good to have around.

Waterproof, shockproof — basically can throw it around and not worry… and if we get stuck, there is always a solar option (but I think I would have to be pretty desperate and hope to never use it — planning a dedicated solar panel to have around to charge things properly at some stage though, instead of using this tiny one). It’s under 500 grams, which is acceptable. Also has a torch, but hope to never use it.

Useful when electricity goes off? Yep. Useful if we get stuck? Yep. Rugged? Yep. Weather and element proof? Yep. Useful technology? Yep.

Overpriced, useless, MagSafe Battery Pack? Nope.