Vincent Ritter

Whilst I did buy a battery pack, I am conscious to not buy anything extra that I don’t need. Ideally I will replace things as they break or become, unfortunately due to consumerism mentality, obsolete with software or highly targeted "propaganda" (haha). Or when I truly do need something (which is fine).

Saying that, my original iPhone lasted all the way to the iPhone 4S and I waited a long time before buying it, followed by the iPhone 6 (which then became obsolete because of software). Went with the iPhone X after that, which was fine — also allowed me to create apps for clients on a modern phone (started out on the 6 though). The X screen died and it was difficult to replace due to shops being closed last year… so I went for the Mini. Hope that lasts at least 5 or more years. So hoping to continue the trend… if the X didn’t die… I would probably still rock it.

After that, I hope we have better options (maybe something more ethically sourced closer to home?)… although I am thinking that it all requires resources to create these things — especially batteries (more natural resource extraction on our living planet). Ah, choices. Yes granted this is only one person making a decision like this, but maybe there will be more and more with the same mentality.