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Reading a lot of books. The new me?

Reading a lot of books at the moment, more than in my lifetime (don’t ask — I am late):

  • Abaddon’s Gate (Book 3 of The Expanse)
  • The Magus, by John Fowles (my wife’s favourite)
  • Living the Good Life (about self-sufficient living)
  • Billy Summers, by Stephen King (never read SK… ever)

I really love the "The Expanse" books, reading book 1, 2 and starting number 3 on "Apple Books". Now I am buying physical books instead as I don’t really want to hold a device, nor do I want to think about DRM. Book 4 has been ordered as I’m close to finishing number 3.

The Magus is my wife’s favourite book of all time. I just started it. It’s nice I could start a conversation about it. So far I am really interested and like it. This is also my first book where it’s written in first person… I never experienced that.

Living the good life came about researching self-sufficient lifestyle and being a little bit more "outdoor" and living more simple in general. There are other books that I bought along that, for example how to survive outside and what to eat when finding oneself in strange situations. I’ll blog about those some other day though.

On order I have Book 4 of The Expanse series. Also expecting Wool, by Hugh Howey — another book I have digital.

When I was a kiddo, I didn’t read a lot of books at all, which is a shame in itself. However since reading Road Dahl books to my daughter like Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and many others, I am really interested. Roald Dahl was always taught in school when I went but I couldn’t care more. Now I care.

I jump between books and that’s how I work the best. Keeps my interest peaked.

The last few weeks we were out I always took a book with me and was reading whilst waiting… wow, what an amazing feeling t o sip coffee and read a good book. Bliss. Magical.

It certainly takes you to new places in your mind, a place where no technology will ever manage to come close to.

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