Vincent Ritter

I just wrote about that Apple Event and my observations. Of course this is only a personal opinion. The thought of removing it already has crossed my mind a dozen times in the past few minutes. It’s a post of disappointment in their messaging, and yet again a thing where I moan about something.

In a way I want to get it off my chest, and into my diary (the blog). Maybe someone agrees, maybe someone takes offence, maybe someone doesn’t agree, maybe someone just doesn’t care at all. Perhaps one day I will look back and think to myself how stupid we all were (talking about Apple and me). In a way it is a pointless post. Just like this one.

I am human, with many thoughts, both troubling and enlightening and everything between. It’s nice to let go and just let the words flow. It’s not my best writing. Practice. Sometimes I write stuff that I need to get out of my head, hit publish and be done with it. Except that now I am writing this… am I really done?

I certainly feel better… but at what cost? I’ll never know.