Vincent Ritter

An Apple Consumer

For many years now I have been an Apple observer (mainly geek) and also critic for both their products and developer relations.

I'm at a stage where I had enough, too many small paper cuts. This also reflects on my general mood on my own blog, even though it's a portal of history for me - a journal as such. Yet this is something I no longer wish to pursue - the unhappiness and sadness I feel towards a company (and sometimes joy). It also poorly reflects on my "professional" side of things (or so I feel at times).

Others are better equipped to make judgments and comments about them. I had my fair share.

From this day forwards, I will not hold my tongue as such or not become quiet, hide behind a rock and turn a blind eye to it... no, instead, I will stop to care. I will stop being the Apple geek I once was when it was great to be (and rewarding). I will become a consumer instead, a consumer with high standards (of course). An Apple consumer. Nothing more, nothing less.

I still love their products, and that's as far as I will go.

For me, Apple has certain magic to it in the way their products just work and not frustrate you (for most part). They still push the envelope before anyone else even thinks of it (even though they then don't catch up).

For me though, I found that it takes up a lot of my mental thinking space to have to think about all the bad stuff that comes out from the media regarding Apple (and also their piss poor developer relations).

So, no more.

Back to enjoying the magic, less clutter on my mind, and just living.