Vincent Ritter

We’re out today, at our usual restaurant. We’ve been coming here for years, all friendly and good service. Always tip generously too… probably too much. They bring us refreshments (water, coffee) without us having to ask.

The past few months though, it has been getting worse. Not sure what it is. The service just isn’t what it was. Mostly still the same people here. Still the best restaurant (kinda) in our little city (doesn’t take much).

I’ve been waiting here for 20 minutes for a cup of coffee. Food took 30 (for the main course).

I would not mind if it was a one off or so… but it’s been consistent.

Conversation has changed somewhat. We haven’t changed, still the same.

No idea what is going on. I sometimes ask, but never get an answer. “All is good”.

Ok, I don’t mind too much actually… I just find it weird. Maybe a little sad. A place where I did some of my best work, where they sell an awesome full English breakfast…

Maybe time to find something new…