Vincent Ritter

πŸŽ™ #41 - Going with the flow.

Client work you say? Yeah, that didn't happen. I did jump from one task to another to keep my interesting going for a change of scenery. It's good to allow yourself to do that.

I tease a small code challenge, but I put it off for now, and it'll probably come a little later after I finished my client work.

A few tweaks to Gluon in this episode... mainly about the timeline and fixing a few bugs. Oh and adding Focus mode (mental health mode).

Then I tackle something I wanted to do for a while, which was adding a rudimentary timeline marker sync on Nothing too complicated, but now it marks the last item you scrolled to on the main timeline - which means apps can make use of this! Deployed last week, before I could release this episode.

I introduce my new podcast, Little Mindfulness... with chapter markers.

Recorded March, 23rd 2022.



  • [00:00] - [02:15] Going with the flow
  • [02:15] - [05:03] Gluon tweaks and changes
  • [05:03] - [06:50] timeline marker changes
  • [06:50] - [End] A new podcast, Little Mindfulness.

Duration: 00:08:30

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