Vincent Ritter

šŸŽ™ #2 - Feeling a little stressed. 2 minutes.

In this episode we do a 2 minute session to ground ourselves and do nothing.

This week has been hard on myself, and I am sure I don't feel alone with this at times. Client work is doubting my ability.

Doing nothing is hard, so just go with the flow and relax, get back into a state of self and control.

Note that long gaps are intentional in this podcast 😋

Thanks, and hope you enjoy.



  • [00:00 - 00:58] - Intro.
  • [00:58 - 05:40] - Let's start. A little prep, then 2 minutes.
  • [05:40 - end] - Thank you, see you next time.

Duration: 00:06:31

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