Vincent Ritter

πŸŽ™ #43 - Shipped some stuff. Planning some stuff.

Abstract Development

After weeks of behind the scenes tweaks to Sublime Ads, I finally announce what I've been working on. Image resizing. And no... image resizing wasn't the reason for all the changes... in fact it was figuring out pricing changes to keep it sustainable.

Changes to for much better responsive layouts. All in all I am super happy and it was well received. Manton is great to work with! I tease some other changes I'd like to do.

Planning a new Gluon website with new images and perhaps some snark... because everyone needs a bit of March.

Recorded May, 5th 2022.



  • [00:00] - [05:45] - Sublime Ads
  • [05:45] - [07:30] -
  • [07:30] - [08:33] - Gluon
  • [08:33] - [END] - Outro

Duration: 00:09:18

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