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Took the car for investigatory service today. There has been a funny metallic rattling noise on and off the last year or two. This summer has been a little worse. Sometimes it's not there though.

It was a metallic noise, like a fan hitting something... and we were all convinced it was that. I even had a video of the noise when the engine was off (but the hybrid system still active)... what else could it be... right?

The noise is quite noticeable in the cabin... but goes away if you drive faster. So something was vibrating, loose.

After the first investigation, we didn't find anything. We thought it was a fan. I paid ~$9 for the check (I know, cheap!). No results, still a mystery. They told us to book it for a proper, more thorough, service.

Then we drove over to Toyota (because it is one). 2nd try. Told us something stupid and they didn't care... booked it in for a real expensive investigatory service for next week.

I wasn't too happy, so we drove back to the first garage to book in a proper service so they can spend more time on it. They were happy to help. As we arrived, before even saying anything, he told us to go straight to the shop. The other mechanic was now in.

Let me tell you how hard it is to start and rev a hybrid engine when it has other plans! Lucky for me, it was rattling with an idle engine. Up on the jack. They told me to stay up in the car so I can manipulate the engine. Was super fun.

(and yes, I sit on the right side peeps!)

Car is rattling... then I hear a few thuds underneath. Bang bang... big metallic sound, the one we can hear. And again, hitting the same spot. WE FOUND THE CULPRIT! The engine turned itself off, because it was happy the battery was charged. He banged it again, same rattling noise. WOOHOO!

3rd time lucky. The mystery has been solved.

Because life keeps on giving me a lemon... it has certainly delivered once again.

It is the catalytic converter. Broken. One of the most expensive parts to get. It's around 1/4 the value of the car itself.


Not sure what else to say... except... I am happy to know what the problem is.

Will I fix it? Maybe if I worked for 37signals šŸ¤£šŸ˜­

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