Vincent Ritter

Tried Fitness+ on the TV with the new 16.1 beta. My handheld showed up, so did my wife's - the Watch was out of range, so it wasn't there. Tapped on me, confirmed it via the notification and off I went.

It doesn't record the time as "exercise" minutes, but you can see what you did and for how long. At first I thought this is a bad thing, but then, in the shower, I reminded myself that I loathe the gamification of it all.

I usually have metrics off on the TV because I only want to see video. I turned it on as it was nice to see the timer. Just a little gamified motivation to make it to the end.

Whilst I appreciate this, I think there still should be a mode to just play the damn videos without having to confirm anything. This is a step in the right direction though.

Overall, it was nice not to have the ankle tracking device attached to you... I mean the Watch.

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