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Closing registration to Sublime Ads

Today I've closed registration to Sublime Ads. This won't affect anyone currently registered on the service.

This has been a hard decision to make, however I think, for now, this is for the best. I'd love to give more TLC to Sublime Ads, but I've been fighting internally with it.

Saying that, I've had tremendous feedback on it... but I have not pushed it in the direction I originally intended for it. Not to mention that everything just gets blocked by those ad blockers these days.

I also find myself in a small technical debt corner and wish I had the time and energy to make everything right. It doesn't require much effort, but it's going to be tedious if I want to grow it to its original vision. At this moment, and seeing where it's at financially, I cannot justify it.

So I find myself here...

If you've previously registered, your account will remain active. Payments have been cancelled and you will be able to continue to use Sublime Ads without issue, for now.

Sublime Ads is also incredibly niche... but I have more fun with more consumer focused products, like

If someone would like to buy it from me, without the customer data, please get in touch – I'd be open to discuss it. I think it certainly has a good life in it, given some marketing.

I am still unsure how I will manage the service going forwards. My current plan is to keep it running for existing customers, and if you're interested, just let me know and I can see what I can do. I might rewrite it all from scratch, and launch it as a new product, but I am unsure right now.

Working on Sublime Ads has taught me a lot, and that is always the most important for me – not the money.

Feel free to email if you have questions or concerns.

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