Vincent Ritter

Status++ TestFlight Build 20

As we all start dreaming of holiday feasts and sweet escapes, I'm sliding in with a wee update to keep things ticking. Nothing earth-shattering – we're saving the fireworks for post-holiday cheer!

  • [TWEAK] Gave the webhook layout a little nudge. Now, you can tell at a glance if that token is cozying up with your device or if it’s just a push token playing hide and seek for another device.
  • [BEHIND THE SCENES] Let's take a trip down memory lane to 2019, shall we? Well, I've been busy jazzing things up to fit into our futuristic 2023. Swapped out Axios for the Fetch API for network calls (hello, modern vibes!), and a bunch of other yawn-inducing tweaks. But hey, one less dependency to worry about!

And there you have it - simple, a tad dull, but oh-so-functional!

Wishing everyone a Christmas as fantastic as finding extra fries at the bottom of the bag. See you all when the holiday dust settles!

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