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A temporary end to my personal apps

Apple, a few weeks ago, stopped any app updates going out until I provide a public facing address and phone number. That specifically affected a new version of Gluon that I wanted to get out. I was a little too late to get it through as their changes came into effect.

This is all part of Apple’s European changes to make it super painful for us little indies. And I guess they have to comply and play the rules... or make it seem so with maximum dissatisfaction.

Now I don’t have a problem to follow the rules, but now this is something I don’t feel comfortable doing, especially that my apps are free to use. I would have to go out and buy a virtual address and phone number, which is an additional cost that I cannot justify (it’s not cheap).

The whole regulation thing is kinda weird right now anyway.

On top of this, my Apple Developer account is tied to the UK and my personal Apple ID — which makes things a little bit more difficult. I would have to create a new dev account and have a proper Apple dev entity here in Poland. I have my business here already so that’s not a problem.

So, that’s a little bit too much for me to worry about now. It’s too stressful to think about.

I have to wait and see how this all plays out over the next year or more and to see if side loading becomes a reality. If it does become an option, which would be very welcome, then I’ll probably start again.

If I am able, I will of course provide TestFlight updates as and when I can... so I need to try and get a new update uploaded this week to see if I can at least get these through for now.

So, personal apps are on hold now.


Back to concentrating on just the web and uphold what I said. (Client apps won’t be affected of course).

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