Vincent Ritter


Hello, I'm Vincent.

I'm a dad, husband, geek and an independent software engineer. I craft apps for iOS and the web using Swift and Ruby.

I wanted to be a pilot from the age of 5, pursuing and doing my training until my late teens. Going all the way and getting my commercial license.

However, getting older and wiser, I decided I wanted a change - ultimatley realising that I wanted to code.

Having started early in life at the age of 10, some 20 years ago, I created my first website dedicated to game cheats for the Playstation (the first one!). Sitting for hours hand crafting every page in Adobe PageMill. That was fun.

In the advent of my daughter, there was an itch I wanted to scratch… an iOS app. I sat down in the evenings to write my first app. Learning, crafting and coding - exactly what I love doing. So, I created a white noise app, so she could sleep... Mind you, I also fell asleep testing the app... And so, I created Sleepy Eyes. If you want to see my other apps, check them out here.

I’m to the point and sweat the little details that not many people see.

There’s always something new to learn and try. That’s what I enjoy.

I mainly write code in Swift, Ruby and the usual website stuff (HTML, CSS and Javascript). I also know C# but I hardly use it after falling in love with Ruby. I'm no stranger to web frameworks and I enjoy using Ruby on Rails, ReactJS and React Native for truly awesome cross platform apps.

You can usually find me wearing headphones whilst I work.

If you want to find out more about me or get help with one of my apps:

I believe in owning your own content and syndicating to other platforms. If you want to follow me you can subscribe to my feeds as above. There are some great News readers out there that support the JSON format.

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Thanks for reading and hope we encounter each other one day.

- Vincent