Vincent Ritter


Hello, I'm Vincent.

I'm a dad, husband, geek, an independent software engineer and “starter" that also freelances... or whatever you want to call this life, at least the only boss I have is myself (it's actually my wife! Hello 😍).

I craft native apps, web applications and also make your usual CMS (and static) based websites using Swift, Ruby and a bit of PHP. Not to mention everything that goes around it.

I know how to fly aeroplanes, on a commercial level, and that has been my childhood dream since I can remember. It never got further than 800 hours total time due to other things like health and eventually family. I am happy that I found my true passion in what I do now.

My first ever website was created when I was a kid, using Adobe PageMill. That was fun and exciting.

I know my way around a computer and seem to always fall into the "support" role for everyone, I don't mind as long as it's Apple based.

You'll find that I'm a generally calm person, too calm some say, but this is how I like it. As you get to know me, you'll see that I can get stressed about client projects because I always seem to say "yes" to everything... I'm hoping to change this.

Learning is always on my plate and I love trying out new things like different coding languages, frameworks... and when I step outside the "technology" bubble, I enjoy a bit of light body building (only for health reasons - running is not my thing) and walking.

Headphones are usually worn when I code, I always feel "in the zone". Sometimes I put them on, start coding, and forget to play music until a few hours in.

If you want to find out more about me or get help with one of my apps:

Thanks for reading and hope we encounter each other one day.

- Vincent