Vincent Ritter

πŸ‘‹ About

Hello, I'm Vincent.

I’m a dad, husband, geek and a software creator making web and native applications using Ruby on Rails and React Native.

I know how to fly aeroplanes commercially and that has been my dream since I can remember. Flying, though, has now stopped. I don't regret my chosen path of coding, and I might return to flying one of these days.

I'm a generally calm person, too calm some say, but this is how I like it. I like to make jokes when things get difficult. It's an interesting character flaw.

When I step outside the "technology" bubble, I enjoy being with my wife and daughter, walking and generally travelling… and doing absolutely nothing.

This site acts as portal to my past and present self that one day I can look back on, on my steps forward and also missteps along the way. Life isn’t a straight road, so it’s nice to have a space of my own to share and reflect on.

- Vincent