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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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Just sent out build 10 for the 2020.4 build of Gluon, on TestFlight. Mainly to do with appearance and some under-the-hood changes that needed doing. Some visual bugs which I’ll get to through the week. Hopefully also fixes an issue on Android (beta soon).

AWESOME to see everyone during the WWDC Micro Meetup! I know written words are written words, but seeing people moving and talking takes it to the next level ❤️ Love ✌️ Too short… and need this again.

Looks like Disneyland Paris is slowly opening on the 15th of July, 2020. 🥳

How is this shirt?

I love Safari… so I’m doing a bit of feedback! More uploading...

Not sure if it’s me, but there are lot of little UI sounds throughout iOS and macOS. Like it.

Figured out how to best handle “embeds” for Sublime Ads. I’ll sketch it out over the week and hopefully get it added next week. That means you can create an embed for your site and use a small snippet of code and BOOM.

So I watched the start of WWDC, as I missed it when I got home a little later last night. Overall this was a great format for it! It was done well. I hope they continue this trend for WWDC. Information packed like crazy and to the point. State of the Union was good too.

Last night I took the risk, as I do every year, to install macOS 11 on my main machine (I only have one). It’s great! This is miles better than the Catalina public release! They could release this next week and be done with it. Sure, a few bugs but nothing as bad.

The reboot chime on macOS 11 seems to be back! 😍🥰

Happy to report that Gluon for works a treat on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. I was dreading it, but I’m happy ✌️

Preparing Update...

Ooo, auto device switching for AirPods! Also nice.

Nice to see macOS getting some real loving! Excited. It’s my main Apple device by a mile!

I need new pants...

Is this WWDC? Or is it something for the general public?

Just by chance I get my wish of not watching the intro to WWDC. Starts at 19:00 in central EU. My daughter has dancing and it finishes at exactly that time, then drive in this rain, shopping, then take the bins out, then tend to food. Replay it is 👍

There are rumours about a new UI for macOS... let’s see! I hope they deliver here. Safari is dope, never looked back.

Good strategic approval by Apple. I’ll give them that. At least it will keep the negativity away for WWDC week.

Guess I broke a few things…