Vincent Ritter

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Heading to Zakopane for the weekend on Friday morning. Gonna be nice 🏔 Can’t wait.

Another tired Vincent, with my partner in crime ❤️, at the restaurant at the horse stables yesterday. Waiting for food… next to the warm fireplace. The smell of horse was strong. Coffee on the table.

Found a tired Vincent, early this morning (school drop-off). Grey hair… never noticed it so much.

Feeling incredibly emotional today.

Thinking about how much I love my daughter makes me go all soft inside.


Yoga now 🧘‍♂️

02:20 AM… urgh. Bed 🛌

So this is just a quick example with using GitHub Copilot today. I am adding translation strings to my Rails app, in the templates, before actually adding them to my translation file.

You can see the grey text above, which is the suggestion (and actually what I want).

For any of you on iOS, running Gluon, there is a new TestFlight build out ✌️❤️

GitHub Copilot seems to be learning my style. Have been working on Sublime Ads for some "Teams" stuff I am working on. It’s been helpful and also new things that I didn’t know about Ruby are cropping up. It’s important I understand what is happening, so this has been great so far.

Kinda like it.

Still taking it slow though.

Fell asleep, this morning, after breakfast. My body sunk into the pillow. Woke up midday… now I have a headache…

Got my GitHub Copilot invite. This is going to be interesting.

Spent the morning to try and figure out if I can get custom domains to work with Sublime Ads… and it works 🥳. Happy with that. More a "enterprise" thing once it rolls out. Limited to my Gluon account for now (for promoted content).

Today: 🧘‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🎳

Tomorrow: 🎢🚗

Sunday: 🐴

Monday: 🥾🏔🌳?

Tuesday: 👨‍💻📱⭐️

Happy Friday ❤️

I wanted to write many things today, but decided not to. Led by anger, frustration, happiness of a new project, and other random things. Instead, I thought, I’d say nothing (well, nearly).

Wherever you are: Have a great, and wonderful, weekend ✌️

Made a few tweaks to the date picker on Sublime Ads this evening/night.

I’ll probably redesign it at some stage and also add a custom date picker (where you can choose the dates).

Happy with this though.

We’re out today, at our usual restaurant. We’ve been coming here for years, all friendly and good service. Always tip generously too… probably too much. They bring us refreshments (water, coffee) without us having to ask.

The past few months though, it has been getting worse. Not sure what it is. The service just isn’t what it was. Mostly still the same people here. Still the best restaurant (kinda) in our little city (doesn’t take much).

I’ve been waiting here for 20 minutes for a cup of coffee. Food took 30 (for the main course).

I would not mind if it was a one off or so… but it’s been consistent.

Conversation has changed somewhat. We haven’t changed, still the same.

No idea what is going on. I sometimes ask, but never get an answer. “All is good”.

Ok, I don’t mind too much actually… I just find it weird. Maybe a little sad. A place where I did some of my best work, where they sell an awesome full English breakfast…

Maybe time to find something new…

Erm… not sure if this was always in macOS… I didn’t know you could customise what was displayed in the System Preferences pane:

So… without much fanfare…


4 weeks of Karate for my daughter. Today is her white belt ceremony. So happy ❤️

Whilst her "mind" certainly isn’t ready, I hope she’ll one day understand. Oh… and she packs a punch, and kick, now — I’m kinda scared 😭😂

This morning, I have added the ability to filter your ads, on Sublime Ads, by their status. Find it on your ads overview screen. Real simple and effective. It will also remember what you last set.