Vincent Ritter

Hello, I'm Vincent. I'm a dad, husband, geek and an independent software engineer that also freelances. Check out the apps I make, personal projects I'm currently working on, websites I made and other things like my blog posts and thoughts.

Two years ago I left my full time job, working for "the man". The year after was incredibly difficult. I'm thankful that mid this year things have started to look much better. Looking forward to the next year of my adventures.

The amount of times online and offsite back up has saved me: 0. The amount of times Time Machine has saved me the past years, including my family (Hey Mom!): billion times.

Rewrote my About page. Less "blah blah blah", more "hey, this is me". Hoping to make more changes, especially with wording, around the whole site in the next few weeks.

I was looking for really great Christmas jumpers yesterday at the mall. No dice 🥺. They're all dark (colour wise) and not very joyful. Need to find a place online.

I've been using my laptop on battery power... all day! I mean... 7 - 8 hours and most of it was coding related. That's pretty cool!

Working on a Ruby on Rails project at the moment... falling in love with the simplicity of Ruby again! Inspired to get into it way more now.

I went through 1Password last week and logged into every service I could find that I'm not using, followed by trying to delete my account with said service. Some were easy to delete, some you had to email and some are just a right pain. I thank the companies that make everything a breeze!

I'm working on a few things to get ready for the new year... that includes planning a new code challenge (well, coming back to another one), perhaps even two, consolidating outgoings with things I use for work purpose (online stuff) and a general declutter of how I'll go about my day to day client work. I'll write about it more this week.

I go to the gym 3 - 5 days a week now. I stopped tracking my activity on the watch. I turned off any reminders about standing up or the nudging of "Hey, you can STILL do it!". At the end of the day it is how I feel that is the most important metric. If I feel good, then that's a win in my eyes.

"Please rate our support" - I get this a lot... but honestly... why track this metric? Knowing that your customers are happy by word of mouth and receiving no complaints... I'm sure that is all you really need.

Gluon build 20181124.2 is coming your way. Fixes issues with seemingly endless images loading in the image modal (1 image ~ 17 images, ha!). Also added experimental swipe to close, so drag that image down and it will close the modal.