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Hey, I’m Vincent. I’m a dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and an independent programmer 👨‍💻 that also freelances.

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So, asking for Gluon… what do you expect from a "Last viewed" marker?

Reply away ❤️ This is important market research 😂

I had to remove custom theme support for the upcoming TestFlight version of Gluon. I don’t think I’ll be able to add custom themes until the bigger rewrite. It’ll switch based on the system for now.

Will of course see if I’m able to add it again...

Disney+ is still not available in Poland. Which is good, because they can really go away if they want more work on one of their apps. MUHAHAHAHA.

Been working on a very urgent proof of concept/shippable client project over the weekend. Started last night, now I am approaching 18 hours. It doesn’t actually launch until June… but nailing it for them to "understand" is key. Tired. Repeat tomorrow.

Today I slowly learned how to control that 800kg (~ 1760 lbs) horse. Kinda weird. Was a great lesson though. Good bonding too. The instructor was well nice too, told me I was a natural for only my 4th lesson 😋. Still hard to keep my legs the way I should though.

03:36 AM… so tired. Better go to bed… up early too.

Thanks so much to everyone letting me know how well my timeline marker button is working in Gluon… NOT 😭. I am going to rewrite the sync "engine". Suggest you turn off the setting in Nitpicky. It will still sync your position to the MB API though.

Don’t think I have enough accents available in Gluon…

Totally NOT inspired by new Apple hardware.

Guess I have to rewrite the Gluon feed sync logic. Hurray. I better go and buy a bottle of Sambuca...

Where did my Podcast go Apple? 😭

It's already been one year since we launched CleanShot X! So far, we've introduced 27 updates (that's more than 2 per month!), featuring over 170 changes.

What is it with developers and always wanting to UPDATE, UPDATE and UPDATE? Slow down!!!

Wrote a little blog post about the next Gluon TestFlight version (out now!). Excited to have started that this week. More to come. When I work on Gluon I go to my happy place ❤️


Tempting for sure...

Gluon 2021.2 TestFlight now available for fast track.

Another day, another TestFlight version for you all to enjoy. This is for anyone running the iOS TestFlight version on the fast track cycle. If you signed up on the Gluon website you’ll be on the slower release, so it won’t be showing up until end of this, or next.

This release mainly focuses on cleaning up a few things, especially settings. Oh and my initial attempt at timeline sync (it’s not quite ready yet though!)… just saying.

Anyway, please read the test notes as you open it up. If you’re feeling lazy and skimmed past it all… here are the notes again. As always, enjoy testing!

Main areas for you to look out for:


And now… something I want you to REALLY test… Timeline sync indicator. Note that you must opt into it in the Nitpick settings. Toggle "Show last viewed indicator".

This is new, so it’s not really ready for prime time, but good to start testing. Gluon will allow you to scroll to the last seen feed item and sync that to that will enable cross device timeline sync. Note that this does NOT yet work across devices.

Have a play, see what you think. Scroll to your last seen and it will update as necessary after a pre defined amount of time. It’s a nice blue line, and seems to work nicely.

If you do hate it, turn it off in Nitpicky and tell me. I am still working on it and there are still many hours and evenings worth of work for me. When you turn off the setting, it will still make calls to the MB API to set your last seen item.

Appreciate any, and all, feedback.

You can email me by pressing the More Tab -> Help -> "Email Gluon Support".
Or: [email protected].

Time for some bonding with the horses 🐴 Can’t wait.

Kinda want a new iMac. Although I can see new laptops later this year, with a similar design (colours, nice edges etc).

Hope to have an updated TestFlight, for Gluon, come out in the next few days. Waiting for Apple to approve Build 1. Already at build 5 though...

No clue why I’m still working on the current version of Gluon… considering I am certainly going to rewrite everything for iOS and basically start from scratch. Guess it’s a good exercise how not to do things 😂

Can’t do much more today… but that is how far I got with Gluon's timeline marker. The little button scrolls you to the correct index. When the item is visible, it will remove that prompt and also update to the last, top most, you have seen.

Right, bedtime for me. Hurray. Wanted to get up early to exercise, but that can wait until the evening ✌️❤️