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Some notable tweaks coming to the Gluon posting text editor in the next TestFlight version for iOS:

  • [NITPICKY] Correct placement of single "**" or "_" when you tap the icon in the toolbar when inserting without having text selected/highlighted. Will switch to "B" or "I" when you have multi-selected text, which then wraps the word with the correct markdown.
  • [NEW] When adding links "[]()" it will now check if the clipboard has a web URL in it, if so it will insert it correctly in the link brackets.
  • [FIX] Fixed a few issues with text being cut off depending on where you have added formatting and other tweaks here and there.

Probably get this released tomorrow. Currently uploading, but am too tired to wait for processing.


"...“everyone” leaves out the people who go first, who change things, who are weird and who challenge the status quo. That’s an option, even when it doesn’t seem that way.

Mass culture gets us more mass culture."

Everyone else is, Seth Godin.

Agree 100%.

New iOS TestFlight out for Gluon (Version 2022.3 Build 2), includes the following juicy fruit changes:

  • [FIX] Fixes layout issues on the reply screen when your reply goes over a million characters... or perhaps just enough to cause a scroll to happen. Now content scrolls nicely and you can actually see what you're typing. Kinda important.
  • [NITPICKY] On the reply screen, the conversation view now uses the same formatting as per "new" timeline items.
  • [NEW] Added a new font called "Retro". Give it a try. Make your eyes bleed and cry for help.

Previously (like yesterday):

  • [FIX] Sometimes images took up the whole height of the timeline item, and covering important bits like text and profile images. Now bits are no longer cover.
  • [NITPICKY] Tweaks to image loading for promoted content.

Retro vibes anyone?

Apple rant (maybe just ignore):

I know Apple always seem like the "good guys"... and sure, they have an ace marketing team... but at the end of the day, look how they treat developers. Look in which countries they are willing to operate. Yes, they pay Music artists more than some other streaming companies... but look how they treat developers (I know I said it already), their source of wealth no doubt. Look at their actions to date to open up and embrace a few changes to their money making schemes.

At the end of the day they are a corporation hungry for money and domination of their space. Defending at all costs. So secretive that you begin to question what actually they do with your data - I would not be surprised if one day there will be some whistle blowers on this issue (probably not, and I am just guessing for fun here to make a point!).

For a long time I hung onto the old Apple. When it was cool. When the pirate flag was flying (OK, I wasn't actually here for those real early days). When we had colours... and Steve Jobs. Certainly when they were this small fruit company.

Question everything. Hold them accountable. Look past the facade, see who they have become.

Yes, I still believe there is good in them, but I certainly don't have that feeling anymore.

Now Apple, to me, is just the same as Microsoft, Google and whomever else who I don't follow closely. Of course I still take a peek, but not so much anymore.

I wish they were still the underdogs. Perhaps then they'd still have this edge I am looking for.

It makes me sad, but perhaps it's just part of growing up. For both Apple and myself. And as we have shared a life closely together, this relationship isn't working anymore as much as I want. We've grown apart.

Any recommendations on a coding font? Want to change up Visual Studio a bit. Fan of mono-spaced for sure. Currently use SF Mono.

Uninstalled Apple Music from my handheld... and for some reason, most of the music playing quirks and bugs are gone. "Now Playing" always seems to work correctly when another speaker is playing and syncing to Apple Watch too. Ace!

WWDC wish list: Give developers and consumers a choice of where and how they download apps and where and how they pay for them. Period.

Profile image updated 😋

Totally got some retro vibes right now!

Always nice to meet new faces and make connections ✌️❤️

Working on a new registration layout for Not done yet and a lot more to do. Fun to show a "work in progress"!!! though 😋

A few minor tweaks to login and registration on Sublime Feed. Basically added full dark mode support. I know I get excited about this too much, but I always see it in the way of the user journey. Step by step.

Dark and light:

"Indent using 2 spaces". That's me ✌️ Although I don't actually use the space bar, I just press the tab key.

Thinking of creating a little service that scrapes my currently playing song in Spotify, and then display that on my site... hmmm.