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Tried Fitness+ on the TV with the new 16.1 beta. My handheld showed up, so did my wife's - the Watch was out of range, so it wasn't there. Tapped on me, confirmed it via the notification and off I went.

It doesn't record the time as "exercise" minutes, but you can see what you did and for how long. At first I thought this is a bad thing, but then, in the shower, I reminded myself that I loathe the gamification of it all.

I usually have metrics off on the TV because I only want to see video. I turned it on as it was nice to see the timer. Just a little gamified motivation to make it to the end.

Whilst I appreciate this, I think there still should be a mode to just play the damn videos without having to confirm anything. This is a step in the right direction though.

Overall, it was nice not to have the ankle tracking device attached to you... I mean the Watch.

Home screen. Trying out the Analog clock. Wish the dock would have more subtle ways of showing open apps. Wallpaper is from Mac OS 10.6 Server. Can grab it here.

Just found a todo list... 🙄

Installed iOS 16.1 beta 2 on my handheld and the corresponding TV update also. It allows me to actually use Apple Fitness without the Watch.

You still have to confirm on the phone itself, but this is great! Still wish there was a "Guest" mode or something. Just play the videos.

If you'd like to know how it looks like when I work... Flat Eric has you covered. (the desk scenes, around 45 second mark onwards).

There is an update available, so it tells me... so why not actually SHOW ME? And you can show an additional loading icon of what you're doing?

Can we sack Apple "old" management and get some new blood?

"Words that have no meaning are merely a sound"

My wife is watching Tolkien, and that struck with me.

Looks like you can't hide the clock on the Mac. Even Bartender tells me so. Damn. On a side note, who the hell is in charge of UI? It's just as bad as my Incredibly OK software.

This week’s challenge. Remove the clock from the menu bar on my desktop.

Talking about other TV shows. SEE is terrible. Season 1 was OK. Maybe more hype from the fruit press machine. Now it’s just “god flame” this, “god flame” that 🤮

The kids are stupid. I feel sorry for him.

It’s been super difficult to watch through The Mandalorian.

It feels super shallow. Maybe I’m missing the point.

I had a few months break after the first season. Tried today… and I just can’t.

They should have just done the baby Yoda scenes.

The Apple Books app in iOS16 is pretty shit. Now you have a constant UI overlay of a close button and some toolbar (which is a total mess). And it's buggy.


If a company says they make the best software... then they're accountable.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading my posts today. A good waste of time for me to just write random stuff... and to waste yours with Grade A quality content, not created by AI.

Feeling good ✌️❤️

Going to be adding this to all my personal work from now on: "Incredibly OK™ software".