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A new medium to share and create.

Podcasting is another medium for me to share what I’m up to. So I’m pretty excited to get this out to you. As time passes I’ll probably find my groove and go from there. This is my first podcast that I’m sharing, so please bear with me on the “Errrmmsssssss” and “hmmmmms” and the long gaps.

Abstract Development

A personal journal where I talk about things I’m working on, the up and downs of freelancing and finding more independence.



🎙 #23 - It's the wording...

Abstract Development

Finishing client projects, but there are more in the timeline. I also reject some work because I stick to my values.

Getting a cold/flu - the joys! And yeah, it's totally allowed!

Sublime Ads homepage. Finding it difficult to find the right words because there are just too many use cases for it. Ads without your consent? No thank you!

News FLASH! I have ideas about GLUON!


Duration: 00:10:30

🎙 #22 - January is for planning.

Abstract Development

The holiday plans were just plans after all. Nothing happened, but that doesn't mean you failed. Family time is important.

January is the month I plan for something new I want to pursue over the course of the year. From ideas in the shower (and other places) it goes to my notebook. First physical and then digital.

It's important to pursue your own ideas, no matter if someone else has done it. Don't be put off by it.

But first, I want to launch Sublime Ads in Q1 - I also talk about more tax/vat related stuff... boring. Did I say it's boring?

Designing in code... it's just easier for me. I prefer it from head to code. I'm just one person after all.

Did I mention Gluon? Nope.

And then I try not to spill too much on my new project idea.


Duration: 00:10:02

🎙 #21 - It's a Sublime Ads kinda week. Project plan for the holidays.

Abstract Development

This episode is full of self promotion. Hooray!

I start with motivation to restart my writing process when I'm working on a personal project.

Then I go ahead and blurb about Sublime Ads for most of it. So if you're interested you can see what it's about in the link below. Mainly talking about my latest changes and getting it ready for a public release. Super happy that a few folks are already using it. Certainly need to work on more documentation, although early feedback has been good!

Billing is boring. Probably chose the wrong domain name...

Video tutorials anyone?

Slowing down client work, even more is a must.

Then I mention that THIS year I wrote about slowing down... but because 2020 was a time warp it ends up I wrote it 2 years ago... pfff.

I hate the word "marketing" website... but I don't know a better way to describe it.

Should I live stream a frontend build??? Would be kinda fun.

A failed episode that I recorded, so I decide to mention it.

Do some stuff for yourself, it's important... even if you work for the "man".


Duration: 00:14:17

🎙 #20 - Playing games, coding and Christmas shopping.

Abstract Development

Hello dear listeners, it's been a while. So last time I recorded and released it was in July... woah!

Anyway, here I am rambling away as usual. Am I selling it yet? Probably not.

I talk quickly about Gluon and the rewrite for SwiftUI... I've not been doing much here yet. Then I mention trying to release an update for Android "today". Let's see.

I talk about playing more games and less coding. Don't get me wrong, I love coding - it actually replaced my game playing for a long time.

Whilst on the topic on SwiftUI, later on in the episode, I mention picking up an older project and re-write it.

Amazon... Christmas shopping. Eeeekkkk.

Parenting is hard when your kid just doesn't listen to you anymore. Is this normal? 😭

Thanks for listening.


Duration: 00:06:22

🎙 #19 - Balancing Act

Abstract Development

Hello dear listeners. It's been a while, and yeah... I recorded 3 times before releasing this one over the past few weeks. No pressure.

In this episode I talk about balancing client projects and personal ones... and how I find it difficult, but getting used to it.

I then dig into planning a small holiday... but not Disneyland... because it just wouldn't be any fun or have good memories associated with it.

Personal projects have been somewhat slow (don't forget I'm balancing stuff)... so some updates on my plans for Gluon and Sublime Ads.

Then I talk about sleeping... a lot.

That's it.

Thanks so much for listening.


Duration: 00:07:21

🎙 #18 - Everything in measured ways

Abstract Development

Hello and welcome to another episode of me blabbing away, getting it all out there.

Late June we had the Apple Developer conference, also known as WWDC. I get totally excited about wanting to really get into SwiftUI and embrace the native platform as best I can.

Of course I don't want to loose sight of other platforms, so in a way this is ideal to really focus on each.

Then I talk about and what I have planned for that. Perhaps I'll explore a totally different galaxy instead.

To finish off I touch on Sublime Ads and getting it ready for public launch.

Oh and I now have a "Buy me a coffee" page allowing you to support my work, blog and of course this very podcast!


Duration: 00:12:33

🎙 #17 - Your passcode is required to enable FaceID

Abstract Development

It's hard being a developer. It's hard to please the gods that are Apple. People bend over backwards for them and don't speak up.

The start of the episode is a bit gloomy and full of random thoughts. I left the blank gaps in there for effect...

I touch quickly on wanting to concentrate more on cross-platform services for my business... instead of concentrating on just one - I fight for the user!

Some Gluon updates. And then some Sublime Ads updates.

Random show title for sure, stick right to the end for the drama (not really).


Duration: 00:13:56

🎙 #16 - “Bloop"

Abstract Development

In this episode I take a de-tour and install Windows on my machine via BootCamp after watching some of the Microsoft Build conference.

Setting up PHP, Ruby, databases and other things seemed pretty straight forward - although pretty alien to me...

I figure out that Windows runs pretty quick and I'm getting annoyed by the continued poor Apple software quality and the lack of anything "Developer" focused.

Apple certainly needs to do something in this space.

Oh and I mention "Rails" a lot... I actually meant Ruby! Brain = another dumpster fire 🤯


Duration: 00:15:12

🎙 #15 - Faffing around

Abstract Development

Hello, another episode for you listening pleasure. If I sound funny, I was actually lying in bed… less echo and I was a bit tired but felt like recording.

My daughter went back to Kindergarten this week, after 10 weeks away (due to… you know what). Then I concentrate really hard on playing games and see how Windows is so much better at games than the Mac (although I don’t go into detail).

Client projects galore, thankfully, so I need to get back into shape and do it.

To finish off, I give you a small update on personal projects… and wanting to write documentation. Yay.



Duration: 00:03:18

🎙 #14 - Letting it slip a bit

Abstract Development

I'm in the car, in the countryside. Warm weather, tired arms from meeting a tree with an axe.

I talk about how I concentrated just on my own personal projects the past few weeks whilst totally neglecting the client projects. Although this time it's fine due to relaxed timelines.


Duration: 00:05:14