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All my active project posts, collected here. This is at the heart of what I do and I love.

Active projects:

These are my active development projects at this time. You can go through any of them for more info and see specific posts for the project.

Sublime Feed

The first RSS feed reading service that's tailored for a more calm approach that doesn't make you want to scratch your eyes out. Embrace the FOMO and go with the flow of life.

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Start your own blog in seconds, with a beautiful minimal theme and an amazing editor that doesn't get in your way. Customise and make it yours.

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analytics for small websites

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A place for everything you love, like or want to shout out about on your website.

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Gluon for

An app for both iOS and Android, built on React Native, for

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Status for

A simple app to display monitored sites from, with current status and other stats.

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Recent posts

I guess I made a start to my feed reader. Copied across some basics from Scribbles... and it's up and running. Just need to fill in the blanks now πŸ€ͺ

If you're using shoutouts, and maybe you should if you don't, I have tweaked the way shoutouts are shown in the dashboard β€” inactive ones are now hidden by default and they have their own dedicated page. Just hit the "Inactive" button and Bob's Your Uncle.

Quick tweak to the dashboard on Tinylytics. It'll now page sites if you have more than 12. Why 12? No one knows. Change that setting on your user profile page to suit your needs.

"You might be running that blog, site or page that is no longer used β€” but you want to hold onto the data for archival purpose β€” look at those good times, or bad. Well, now you can."

β€” Introducing archived sites on the Tinylytics Update Blog

I was thinking of branching off Tinylytics into different apps, for example tracking app usage with events and whatever else I can think of. Although now I am thinking of just adding an optional "pro" mode, which is an add-on subscription, that unlocks a bunch of extras. Thoughts?

"...welcome to a small but important update to Gluon.

* Bug fixes and general improvements."

β€” Release 2024.2 for Gluon 😋

"There is now a new blog settings screen called "crossposting" that shows you all of your available feeds, which you can copy and add to, EchoFeed or any other services that digests RSS feeds and then cross posts them."

β€” Crossposting on the Scribbles Update Blog

Shipped last week, you now have the ability to create categories to your posts with a super simple and slick interface to get started. Categories allows you to add one category per post so that you separate out your content into... well... categories of course.

β€” Introducing Categories on the Scribbles Update Blog

For my next project I will be creating a feed reader, based on the look and feel of Scribbles, that doesn’t make you scratch your eyes out and doesn’t make you feel bad for β€œomg, you didn’t fucking read this yet???” 😬😜

Happy to announce that Scribbles is now open for registration 🥳 Blog post announcing it properly as the week progresses.

Really couldn't be here without all the early adopters! Thank you so very much for all your feedback ✌️❀️