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Sublime Ads

A privacy focused ad management service for your apps, websites and others.

Sublime Ads is a platform to allow you to manage and serve your very own ads in your own apps, on your websites, or other services using a simple API, or a lightweight drop-in JS script. You are in complete control on what you want to show, and how.

Everything is in one place and is easy to manage, no need to write your own custom solution. On top, Sublime Ads is privacy conscious to you and your users. Only taps/clicks will be registered for served ads and nothing else (can also be disabled per ad). I also don't use any tracking for the web application and other things, just like the internet is supposed to be.

Launched early 2021 as an MVP product to satisfy my very own needs as a developer with multiple apps and sites.

Visit the website here.

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My past self has implemented Team accounts for Sublime Ads. Thank you self ✌️😂

Another good evening progressing with launching Sublime Ads. Just need to sort out payment plans and then I can work on the "home" page. Let’s see where I’m at come end of the week ✌️

Spent around 4 hour last night on more tax related things for Sublime Ads… Yeah, went to bed at 05:00, but it was good fun to sort. Happy it’s one thing less I have to do. Etching closer to release. Maybe by the end of the month it’s finally ready.

Uh oh… I’m coding on Sublime Ads...

Planning to do some sort of livestream of developing the homepage for Sublime Ads. Any pointers of where and how I should do it? I don’t want to use YouTube.

Sublime Ads is nearly ready to launch 🥳 It needs more documentation and also a dedicated homepage. Everything else is minor. Really happy how far it’s gotten.

Am working on an API usage counter for Sublime Ads… and I was testing something when a limit was reached… and then the date changed… and then I got confused because everything was working again…

Happy to say that my reset code works then 😂

OK, got into the thick of it now. Think I’ll be sticking with Stripe for now. I just did a too good job with it. Need to talk to my accountant next and figure out the best way to make this easier for me… EU tax is 🤯 I think I know how I should do it better/easier.

Remember when I spent a few weeks adding billing to Sublime Ads? Yeah, so I’m going to try and re-implement it with a European payment provider… Wishing myself luck.

One more deploy for Sublime Ads… it’s been on the list, because some have asked for it… I call it "boring" mode. So a little bit less of those funky angles.

New in Sublime Ads… you can disable stats in settings. That means no tap/click is recorded and it will also hide the graphs.

Deploying changes…

Working on a little feature, on Sublime Ads, to disable "tap" tracking and the graphs - because at the end of the day, I don’t want to look at numbers.

I’ll be adding an option to hide all stats in Sublime Ads… because sometimes people just don’t care. I’m one of those!

Trying to get through a creative block today, so am AGAIN working on expanding a dark theme for Sublime Ads.