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My thoughts, micro blog style.

Snowed today. My wife pulling our daughter so I could take the picture. Was fun... minus the extra drag from the drag chutes being deployed (hands)!

And on that bright note, I managed to rescue the Apple screen (yay!), even my dead MacBook Pro 17" which I was using whilst restoring! Nothing like opening these magic boxes up...

Moving 19 websites for a client tonight. Sure is fun! Not only that, they decided they don't want to serve it under https anymore... n i g h t m a r e! Beer involved!

Having to do a clean install of macOS because I’ve been getting “illegal operation” errors in terminal for everything. Even running ‘rails s’ didn’t work. Hope it will work...

Monitor problems last night and today... No brightness control (for when it works). Keeps flickering off. Not a backlight issue. Might have to get a new screen for the Mini. But first, I will open it up myself and dig around. Hope it's just a loose cable.

Another from my flying diary. The sun on the wingtip. Approaching the west coast of France, heading back to Jersey (EGJJ).

Talking about server migrations/updates. Added a simple little NGNIX entry to serve up a status page when encountering a 504:

error_page 504;

Works pretty well!

Linode is pretty good with these migrations for Meltdown and Spectre. 4 out 5 servers are done for their first phase.

Been looking through some past images of flying, when I did my commercial license. This one I took heading back to Jersey after a day in France.

A first draft and still needs a bit of tweaking... but here is my consulting page that I was meaning to get going this year. Happy I spent a bit of time today to work on this.

Added image pop ups to my site, for when you need to click around and look at those screenshots. Found myself doing it myself and got frustrated that I couldn't enlarge them. Solved!

Always liked this image when you first start with Rails. Loads to learn and do now. I'm excited.

I read it before, but got into reading Chickenhawk again. Such a great book about a helicopter pilot flying during Vietnam War! (True story). Highly recommended. 📚

One last push to get Simple Schedule frontend to a 95% done state. With that I can then start the actual build. I'm expecting things to change, hence the percentage. Super excited!

Didn't wear my watch today because of the stand reminders depressing me (time seems to fly). I guess it's OK to do that once in a while though... especially when getting through a project nicely... or not?

Only one page to go until I can comfortably start my code base for my code challenge. Pretty excited! Loads of functionality, that I didn't think about, holding me up a bit though...

Experimenting with a new logo for Simple Schedule (I am not a brand designer haha). Have used it on my frontend build of the project.

I think I was under a rock when Micro Monday was announced on There are many I want to mention, but for today I recommend checking out @colinwalker. He writes about many topics on a technical level, philosophical level and others. It's really opened my mind that people are quite diverse and have different interests... a feeling I never really felt on Twitter... or let's say it felt hidden because of the disconnect from not owning your own content. Colin's website is also a great example of incorporating the IndieWeb movement. Thanks Colin for sharing and inspiring me to keep an open mind!

Well, here we go. I just deleted my Twitter account (which I haven't really used in a year or so). I'm all in on and the amazing community there.

Been thinking hard if I should add a "Consulting" page to my site... maybe on a subdomain...

Difficult to get into the swing today. I'll give it another hour until I knock it on the head... nothing worse than starring at the screen and clicking aimlessly all day.

Might try a card based events list... now that I wrote my blog post haha. Had a brainwave about that.

Happy to report that I'm actually working on Simple Schedule, my code challenge. Started late today but will do my very best to keep it up and get those posts coming.

Hope to resume my Code Challenge soon. Might even get into it tonight a little. Don't want to let myself down with not doing it... nor anyone that is following. Thinking of creating a small micro-cast to talk about it perhaps...

Flight back to Kraków on the 22nd of December. Was beautiful! I should have stuck to flying these metal boxes.

Nice clouds on approach to Newcastle Airport, Northumberland, UK. When I flew out the other week.

Has been a strange few weeks, but finally came back home last week to Poland to be with my family for Christmas. Dad is recovering now. Has been an emotional rollercoaster though.

Not a good day. I'll have to pause my code challenge to see my Dad in the UK, he's in hospital. Preparing a few things today, earliest flight tomorrow morning.

Have been working hard on Day 4 of my code challenge. Also made a few changes to my site so I have a dedicated section for all of the code challenge posts. More updates later. Having a long break until tonight so I am fit to write the post.

Tried to fix posts, on my site, with 'draft' status to not show up in my JSON feed. Found a workaround, for now, by disabling the post.

Opted for an early night today and will continue Day 3 of my code challenge during the day. Hope to get the holding site up and get started on the UI design shortly afterwards.

Concerned how many times GDAX and Coinbase have been down the last few days... I love being able to transfer funds with no fee between the two though. They did send an email explaining they will invest heavily in infrastructure. Guess long term it will be a good platform. Time will tell.

So, my site seems to be publishing "Draft" posts to my JSON feed. Great to find that bug at 02:34 in the morning. One for tomorrow evening I think.

Played with the Amazon Prime Video app on tvOS today. I uninstalled as soon as I saw how the scroll behaves. Totally different to what you're used to on tvOS. Side scroll is horrible, so is down and up. Such a simple thing... real shame. Native is a way better approach, but can see why they did it.

Tweaked and rewrote some of my Day 1 blog post from last night. Affiliate links didn't feel right, so I put them separate at the bottom of the post, after all - I am writing for myself first. Also removed some text that really didn't belong.

That feeling you have when you have to wake up your 3.5 year old daughter at 01:00 in the morning so she can take her regular anti-biotics... ... ...

Been writing up Day 1 for my own little code challenge. Going to get that published soon. As it's my first post for this project... it will have rough edges. But that's OK. After all, I'm here to learn and improve my writing skill and style too.