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My thoughts, micro blog style. Usually short showing off ideas, screenshots and other things that might be on my mind on the day.

A thought about what makes a good social network is that the underlying company/corporation should always be a Public Benefit Corporation or similar for the public good. Not a normal organisation. I think this should be a law, set in stone, for any underlying social network.

There should be no exchange of VC funds for this sort of company. Donations are fine but no obligations of any sort of sponsorship.

Having shareholders and, suit and ties, to answer to is wrong. It leads to… well… what we actually have now.

I feel that you should be able to make a profit with it, but you shouldn’t have your values destroyed because now you need to lick someone’s brown bottom and please the overlords. No thanks. I think people/unicorns/corporations are blinded by this fact.

Be yourself, not someone you think you should be or what others want you to be (although let your users decide).

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good social network… I had a blog post ready, but decided against it. It’s a hard problem. I’ll try and share some thoughts of it in little snippets of posts, like this, over the course of a few weeks.

I’ve been having headaches and body aches since last Tuesday. Unable to work for more than an hour or two a day since… Now it’s Monday and I’m still feeling the same. Headache. Doesn’t go away… although I feel better in general. Never felt like this.

Spent the day working on registering for push notifications for Status. Includes a small Rails based API. It’ll activate by talking to the API and on success, and checks, will return a nice UUID, which in turn also registers a webhook with updown.

Zadra wooden roller coaster. This is was the most extreme ride I have ever been on. Hands down amazing. Loads of airtime and over banked turns, some upside down time too. Loved all 2 minutes of it! Went twice.

Nice macOS Catalina beta surprise today = my whole iCloud Drive folder is now empty… gone on the computer.

There’s a certain calm in the air today. It’s great noticing it. My thoughts near empty, embracing the calmness.

I like the Feedbin App for iOS... but am I right in thinking that it’s just serving the website in a wrapper? Sometimes feels like it.

Urgghhh, had enough faffing around with Windows and Visual Studio for a few client code projects. Rather just drop them and not use Windows ever again. It’s really bad.

My theory about iOS 13.1 is that Apple don’t want to have any announcements spoiled. The past few years, closer to the events, showed just that. This way, they can internally develop a release version for 13.0 that ships with the new hardware.

I’ve been tapping back and forth to try and figure out how to design the “check” screen… notepad is ready, with a blank canvas. Need to find inspiration. At least I got a nice status on the top right already, looks nice!

Having to work in bed today, although I should probably be sleeping! My head feels like it was hit by an aeroplane. Man flu for sure.

I’ve been doing some back and forth with Gluon lately. Haven’t felt much motivated to work on it as I’m thinking that I could dramatically reduce the visual clutter.

Also tried to work on an action bar… but it doesn’t really fit with my vision. I’ve got a few ideas I want to try… I think it’s for the better.

Will it ever be released? Some day… yes!

I’m wearing a Star Wars T-Shirt that I bought in Disneyland… loving it. Can’t see it in the profile image though. Probably a good thing.

I’m really enjoying the Pure Ambient playlist on Apple Music. It’s really great for working and gets me into a good flow lately. Happy that it’s also starting to suggest more ambient music for me now too.

When I’m in a bad place, mentally, I like to visit and browse my timeline and the discover section. I always feel a personal connection with everyone I follow and see. Hard to describe... but it’s good!

Since writing Ruby for a while, everything is Ruby naming (casing) inspired. This would drive some people nuts:

Yup, that’s how I write my JS these days. Ain’t gonna change that anytime soon. I just love that it’s easy to read.

Unusable devices thanks to the Apple betas this year: Phone, Watch, Laptop, Apple TV. We’re near release date and everything is feeling so super sluggish. My laptop, which is a beast, struggles - no CPU spikes, no memory problems… just really slow 😞

I think it’s in my nature to have a good handful of personal projects on the go at the same time. It seems to keep me sane. Being able to jump to something else, and a different problem set, is very refreshing at times.

My daughter is so used to touchscreens that she frequently tries to swipe the TV and my computer screen. On a side note… she’s great with the Apple TV remote!

Working on an “emergency” (last minute) project. Always interesting how other developers work when it comes to static cut ups. Gonna be a long night...

I’ve been making a start with a side project, which I want to keep under wraps for some time, but I’m finding it really difficult to not write about it. It’s like my mind is full and I need to let it all out and write about it. It’s part of why I write my project blog posts. I really love the process.

Started doing some work on my website to only realise that, actually, I want to do so much more with it. I want to consolidate a few pages and introduce a few new things too. I don’t have time for this distraction 😭 Had to stop myself.

Sometimes I feel lost. Unsure if I’m doing the right things. Unsure if life has more to offer. Unsure where I live is the right place. It’s like a voice inside my head trying to say something to me but not able to speak. I can only hear it mumble parts of words. Do I make up the rest of the words in my mind? Is my brain trying to set me down a specific path? I don’t know. Am I happy or unhappy? Am I bored? It’s been on my mind a lot recently. I walk a certain path with a map but then, like magic, I have a new map with a different trail. The mystery of life. I made many missteps, maybe too many. Am I heading into another wrong turn? Are things slowing down for good or bad? Or am I, in fact, doing everything right and the weather just hasn’t set? Am I already in paradise?

One thing that really gets to me is that when I work on client projects I immediately want to work on a personal project. But when I have nothing on the client front I never seem to work on a personal project. Is that normal?

Trying to force work is the worse! Maybe I should just go and rest for 40 mins or so. I think that’s a better idea.

I’ve been enjoying dark mode on iOS 13… however, I’m letting it auto switch from now on. I really love how the typography comes out on the light interface. Dark mode is nice… not so on an OLED though, it just smears everywhere - can’t un-see!

When you head to bed late (3 - 4 AM) and you sleep for a few hours (3 - 5) and your heart gently reminds you, pretty much all day, that “Hey, you didn’t go and get enough sleep my friend. You’re gonna feel me in your chest beating, being angry at you!”.

I’ve been slowly migrating over some projects to use Laravel Mix instead of Webpack directly. Webpack is powerful, but I really don’t like all this setup stuff. Really happy with it so far and it’s working great for the things I converted.

Any recommendation on a Node.js framework for server-side magic (think Laravel or Rails)? Asking for a friend.

So… the Catalina Beta 5 finally installed. Must have taken 6 hours or so (when it said 9 minutes remaining). I’m happy that I don’t have to start from scratch!

Currently trying to re-install macOS... didn’t wipe anything yet... seems to be stuck at the same point as the b5 update. Will leave it overnight to see if anything progresses... 😔😢

Catalina Beta 5 update seems to be stuck at the same spot, for the past 40 minutes, on the boot screen... should I get worried?

I’m in love with the refined and finer volume steps on iOS13! Feels great; not too much or too little.

And when you start a new personal project and the next sentence from your wife is “Let’s go in 10 minutes and pick up our daughter”. 😂

So I spent a month planning and writing stuff down for a new personal project. Today… I start it.

I’ve been really impressed by the quality of Laravel and the whole ecosystem around it. It’s really making me want to switch, from Rails, for months now.

Random stats: I currently have 17 third-party apps installed on my iPhone (not including mine). 3 just for banking. 4 for social and client interactions (including Gluon). 3 Games. The others are various ones (VPN, Content Blocker, Weather etc).

I’ve been working through some Laravel tutorials the past week. It’s certainly different to write PHP, however I really like the fact that PHP is so well supported and you don’t need anything special to run it.

Apple should make a dedicated Animoji app. My daughter loves using it! Shame it’s stuck inside the Messages app though. Would be a big hit I reckon.

… on App Store Connect, you can no longer use emoji in the “What to test” field. That makes me a little sad. Might file a bug report.

Just pushed out a small update for Gluon. Build 20190725.4.

  • Push Notifications and local background fetch for mentions have been removed. I removed this to clear the way for real push notifications. Hopefully I will have this ready in the coming weeks.
  • With the above taken care of, this also fixes a crash with background fetching… because I removed that functionality altogether.
  • Added a few more loading messages when you pull to refresh. Need to tidy these up as I go and make it more consistent across the different screens.
  • Added the new Emoji for Discover - I should really implement a check server-side so I can pull them easily.
  • Under the hood upgrades - was a bit of a pain… but I hope it’s working all OK.

I’ll touch on Push Notifications on a later date. It’s coming back for sure, so don’t worry! And no… I won’t charge for them on a subscription basis 🤣

Reading a few articles about Airplay 2 coming to TV’s and how there is a “backlash” of older devices not receiving the updates… Imagine Apple announced a new phone in September and some features won’t be available on older versions… OH… WAIT.

When I open up an app for the first time and it immediately asks you to “sign up” for an account, even though the app could easily be used without an account... I just sigh 😔