Vincent Ritter


Crafting simple, intuitive and meaningful products and services.

Simple Schedule

Create events for any occasion.

From meet-ups, multi day events to pyjama parties. Simple!

Simple Schedule is a new and simple way to manage bookings, appointments and gatherings. Even superhero dress up parties!

Born from a 'scratch your own itch' idea to learn more and broadening my skills.

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Two Peaks

The web un-agency

I started Two Peaks last year in the hope to expand my horizons in the freelance world, however it has taken me until now to gain enough momentum to make this happen.

My life has been so busy with less and less time just for myself that I'm working hard to bring other freelancers in to my workflow to deliver apps, websites and whatever you else you might need in the digital world... without the "Web agency" selling tactics!

We'll be launching a new website in 2019 to pave the way for the future. Can't wait to open this chapter in my life.

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