Vincent Ritter

There is another reason why I stopped developing Gluon, for now, and time will heal this. It's personal. I never said this publicly, but here we are. Funny how one individual in a nice community can just blow everything up 💥 I had super strong feelings about this today, and I can't get it out my head. Hence this post I guess.

There is more to this story, or lack of, but that's probably better to keep between a few trusted friends. Of course, nothing bad, but feelings were hurt β€” certain sublime bubbles of a better social web burst. It's like when you truly believe in something better and then reality sets in and you see that there will always be individuals that just ruin it or beat the same drum, the drum they tried to escape from.

At the moment I have no interest in maintaining, or actually exploring, a social app (personally). ATP did a great extra episode about this. It's a member special... but it's worth a listen if you're able. John is thinking of creating a Mastodon client, and the rest are trying to weigh the pros and cons.

Very much along the lines of the way I think right now.

I still like the idea of connecting of course, and making those connections, may that be through blogging and emails β€” or whatever other medium. I also still like using social apps, as long as I can effectively mute and block. Certainly something for me to explore here.

Anyway, that's on my mind right now. I like writing about stuff like this... it clears my mind. Thanks for reading.

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