Vincent Ritter

Introducing Themes for now supports the ability to create multiple themes. This has been on the drawing board since its inception, but wanted to keep it for another time. That time is now.

Having different themes allows you to create a Theme for that one-off website or page you have, without affecting your other embeds.

For example, I have a main default theme on my own website in the footer... but I also have another site, where I want to have it slightly different and bring across styles that I specified, without having to open up the sites code and change the stylesheet. Just let shoutouts handle that for you.

It's super simple and intuitive, with easy controls to copy your embed code and a simple preview window (which loads it in an iFrame).

This feature is labeled as "Preview" for now as I'm still making changes and am gathering feedback on ways to improve it (I have ideas, but so do you).

In the long term, I want to also add the ability to share your theme with other people. Because that'll be cool.

Hope you like it and thanks for using shoutouts! (and if you're not... ahem: Sign up)

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