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A medium to share, create and talk.

Podcasting is another interesting medium for me to share what I’m up to. So I’m pretty excited to get these out to you. As time passes I’ll probably find my groove and go from there. Enjoy.

Abstract Development

A personal journal where I talk about things I’m working on, the up and downs of freelancing and finding more independence.


Little Mindfulness

The "do nothing" podcast designed to take small breaks because a little mindfulness goes a long way.


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🎙 #51 - Holiday time

Abstract Development

Sorry, no meaningful show notes this episode as I wanted to get this out for your listening pleasure.

I touch on, the web and the app we’re building. Then I touch on Gluon, what I’ve been changing (like push notifications) and why – teasing some new features. And of course I forget to talk about the other features I added to Gluon, like pinned profiles 🙃 Oh and I touch on plans on monetising Gluon somehow… somewhere…

Next on the list a quick update on Sublime Ads and how I spun it off to create – and I tease a few ideas I have, even though I think it’s one of those well rounded 99% done projects, meaning I don’t want to change too much.

To finish the year I bring back apps from the dead and perhaps something new I might pick up.

Recorded December, 23rd 2022.


Duration: 00:14:02

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🎙 #50 -

Abstract Development

In this episode I talk about taking what I made for Sublime Ads and making it even simpler, in effect copying my own idea - because who needs GitHub Copilot?

So, introducing

My journey to why I did it, like playing with the new Ruby on Rails 7 and import maps (huh?), and tell you more about shoutouts.

On why I kept it simple and building a base for my... next... project...s 😅

Recorded November 4th, 2022



  • [00:00] - [09:05] - Intro &
  • [09:05] - [10:21] - Next projects...?, Outro & Bye 👋

Duration: 00:10:21

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🎙 #49 - Stealing my own idea

Abstract Development

This week I talk about new things I worked on for Sublime Ads the past few weeks: Clients and Client portals for the PRO plan.

As I worked on it, I came to realise that there could be a much easier way to get started, so I’ve been working on something on the side.

Sunday was my day for and continued work on the app… including allowing to zoom the web view depending on your dynamic font size in iOS.

Overall just a quick update and more on it later.

Recorded October 25th, 2022



  • [00:00] - [03:10] - Intro & Sublime Ads
  • [03:10] - [07:37] - Stealing my own idea
  • [07:37] - [08:31] - & Bye 👋

Duration: 00:08:31

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🎙 #48 -’s new iOS beta update.

Abstract Development

We've been busy working on the iOS app for a few weeks, bringing a new update (version 3) to TestFlight, to you your favourite fruit company.

It's a long beta and will run along the releases of the Android version.

I cut a lot of this episode because of a car that started parking right next to me... I left some of my comments in. Then I tried talking more (not present in this episode) but more and more people started parking... so I gave up.

Thanks for listening. If you like the show, feel free to support me.

Recorded October 10th, 2022



  • [00:00] - [00:34] - Intro & back to school
  • [00:34] - [03:51] - changes
  • [03:51] - [04:37] - Outro (yes, really...)

Duration: 00:04:37

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🎙 #47 - I'm just trying to be "mediocre successful"

Abstract Development

It's the first episode after the school holidays... and yes, just got around to editing it, so it's WAY out of date.

First off I welcome ya'll back and touch on trying to do a little less technology. You can skip this section...

Now to the juicy bits. App and recent Android changes and moving onto making it cross-platform (as in... get it ready for iOS release)(finally). And as you might be aware, we've come quite a long way since this episode.

I touch on profile pop ups that we introduced on

Oh and Gluon... poor app.

Then I touch on my blogging habits in August and trying to stay offline a little more. You may also skip this section.

Recorded September 2nd, 2022



  • [00:00] - [01:23] - Intro & technology
  • [01:23] - [04:30] - changes
  • [04:30] - [05:48] - Gluon mania
  • [05:48] - [06:27] - Blogging & staying offline & Outro

Duration: 00:06:27

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🎙 #46 - Sometimes I get hung up on stuff. The past me was dumb. Retro thing going.

Abstract Development

I've been working on a few updates to Gluon and I talk about slowly catching up with an Android release for those also. It's harder than I wanted because the past me was a little bit stupid.

A glimmer of hope for Sublime Ads? It's still at $0 MRR. Yay!

Next steps for Sublime Feed. Learning, learning and learning.

I explore just 3-rd party apps, change my background and go a tiny bit retro.

Recorded May 16th, 2022



  • [00:00] - [00:50] - Hung up
  • [00:50] - [03:43] - Gluon updates
  • [03:43] - [04:49] - Sublime Ads
  • [04:49] - [05:45] - Sublime Feed
  • [05:45] - [END] - Retro thing going. Sour Apples.

Duration: 00:06:54

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🎙 #45 - Taking it slow. Exploring.

Abstract Development

Sublime Feed now has a login and registration page and stuff that goes around it.

Although I wanted to make this a one week challenge I decided to take it slow and get it right. At the end of the day I just want something that works well.

Then I explore why I'm favouring Laravel over Ruby on Rails... perhaps it's just me though.

Recorded May 13th, 2022


Duration: 00:07:50

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🎙 #44 - A new MVP. PS: This episode is already obsolete 😅

Abstract Development

I'm planning a little code challenge, for Sublime Feed, but at the beginning of the next day... after recording this episode... I go completely against what I said here. Have a listen. Good for the record.

But anyway, Sublime Feed, a week to build something... but a week is not enough... as I tell myself over and over again.

More to come.

PS. Not using Ruby on Rails 🤣

PPS. McDonald's breakfast screwed up my energy levels, so I was mostly knocked out 😔

Recorded May 9th, 2022.


Duration: 00:04:53

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🎙 #43 - Shipped some stuff. Planning some stuff.

Abstract Development

After weeks of behind the scenes tweaks to Sublime Ads, I finally announce what I've been working on. Image resizing. And no... image resizing wasn't the reason for all the changes... in fact it was figuring out pricing changes to keep it sustainable.

Changes to for much better responsive layouts. All in all I am super happy and it was well received. Manton is great to work with! I tease some other changes I'd like to do.

Planning a new Gluon website with new images and perhaps some snark... because everyone needs a bit of March.

Recorded May, 5th 2022.



  • [00:00] - [05:45] - Sublime Ads
  • [05:45] - [07:30] -
  • [07:30] - [08:33] - Gluon
  • [08:33] - [END] - Outro

Duration: 00:09:18

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🎙 #42 - Tracking time.

Abstract Development

The past few weeks I have been on the hunt for a time tracking app... and this is my journey what I found and how I use it, and why.

There was a deep itch I had to scratch, doubting my own ability to do what I am set out to do, so I try and get into the habit of time tracking... something I never really did and also pushed aside as a "this is a corporate thing".

But I out found something interesting...

Recorded April, 6th 2022.


Duration: 00:12:49

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