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Note: Some older posts are no longer available. Thanks for understanding ✌️

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Hoping to submit the small Gluon update to the App Store tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be accepted. I marked myself as a no-trader, considering I should actually be exempt under the DSA as I’m a “micro” business… so most rules don’t actually apply.

Please let me know if you can see this either on or If you're on please let me know if it comes through as @ vincent ✌️ (sorry if I don't reply though).

I'm going to try and make some changes to my profile (so it won't display as, so I apologise if you stop following me by some chance — was nice knowing all of you and I guess I have to start from zero hahaha. Fuck.

Just logged into my Gluon account on, just to see that all my posts from my "vincent" account come from instead — arghhh... what did I do? That was not my intention. Hopefully I can revert that somehow.

"Just released a new TestFlight for 2024.2 Build 3 that addresses the following issues"

TestFlight 2024.2 [3] on the Gluon Update Blog

Well, happy to report that Strata for Android is coming along super nicely. Everything is working. Needs some icon love now and a bit of polish (although it's looking fantastic already). Man, I love React Native for this very reason! More soon ✌️❤️

My website is a pain to maintain. Under the hood it's running Craft CMS, but boy is it annoying. Always wants updates every week, nags you and just doesn't stop. Then they're letting me know that the editor I use for years is no longer maintained and they recommend I move to another. Sigh.

Maybe I should... erm... hmmmm... write my own CMS? I know how to do that hahaha 🤪 Kinda 🤷‍♂️

I have many moving parts that are custom as is... hmmmm.

Well, difficult day. I had the most fun this morning with some coding. Feeling a little drained now though. Perhaps some light coding to end the day and some ambient music to ease me into slumber.

Working on Strata for for the next week or so and will bring it to Android. Can't wait to get this finally started — I waited too long.

A temporary end to my personal apps

Apple, a few weeks ago, stopped any app updates going out until I provide a public facing address and phone number. That specifically affected a new version of Gluon that I wanted to get out. I was a little too late to get it through as their changes came into effect.

This is all part of Apple’s European changes to make it super painful for us little indies. And I guess they have to comply and play the rules... or make it seem so with maximum dissatisfaction.

Now I don’t have a problem to follow the rules, but now this is something I don’t feel comfortable doing, especially that my apps are free to use. I would have to go out and buy a virtual address and phone number, which is an additional cost that I cannot justify (it’s not cheap).

The whole regulation thing is kinda weird right now anyway.

On top of this, my Apple Developer account is tied to the UK and my personal Apple ID — which makes things a little bit more difficult. I would have to create a new dev account and have a proper Apple dev entity here in Poland. I have my business here already so that’s not a problem.

So, that’s a little bit too much for me to worry about now. It’s too stressful to think about.

I have to wait and see how this all plays out over the next year or more and to see if side loading becomes a reality. If it does become an option, which would be very welcome, then I’ll probably start again.

If I am able, I will of course provide TestFlight updates as and when I can... so I need to try and get a new update uploaded this week to see if I can at least get these through for now.

So, personal apps are on hold now.


Back to concentrating on just the web and uphold what I said. (Client apps won’t be affected of course).

I have 3 updates to share over the next few days. Exciting times… maybe also risky but better 😋

Coffee has been had. Now you have a Reply by Email option in Scribbles. Enter an email you're comfortable sharing and a link will appear at the bottom of each post, with a subject pre-filled.

Will flesh this out more as time goes. You can also find an override for the text that appears ✌️

One mini feature heading to Scribbles either tonight with my evening beer, or tomorrow morning with my coffee 🤓👨‍💻

Small itch I wanted to scratch for Scribbles... and live now, with a post coming later today or tomorrow... you can export any of your published posts straight to HTML or Markdown. Just go to your post and you'll see a new "archive" button in the header. Basic for now with nice filenames.

"Yesterday, after a request from Jason, I added support for Letterbird, a super nice service for embedding a contact form."

Letterbird Contact Form on the Scribbles Update Blog

“Meta is an objectively awful company in every possible regard. I don’t like the company, and I am acutely aware of the terrible things that they have done and continue to do.“

A great quote from Adam’s previous post. This is why I don’t understand the deal about people jumping on Threads 🤷‍♂️ Never have.

“Meta may be awful, but the Fediverse is neither for nor about them—it’s about empowering our friends and families to connect even if we’re using different software or services.”

A Fediverse, if you can keep it, Adam Newbold

Amazing post and glad he also has 100% the same feels about Meta as a company.

One of the things I love about exercising is that afterwards, when your body is totally exhausted, there is just your mind, thoughts to observe.

To be fair to the early adopters of Scribbles, come April 1st (2024) I will be adding the new pricing — if you have registered before that date, you can still grab the Lifetime and also the special yearly. I'll have new monthly and yearly plans for new signups after the 1st ✌️❤️

"You see, my plan was to launch Scribbles on April 1st for anyone to register and get blogging — and you know, it's probably ready for it too.
I've been happy with onboarding everyone manually over the past few months, with great conversation happening at a personal level, and that got me thinking."

Thoughts on invite only on the Scribbles blog.

Feedback is very welcome. You know my email ✌️❤️

"We don’t have to argue what’s in the magic mirror, which viewpoints are true or not, because everyone needs different beliefs for their different situations."

Derek Sivers

I did add some extra Nitpick settings to Scribbles last night — I'll write about them later this week. Plus I have one feature I am still working on, but it's there already — just needs some polish. You'll know what it is when you spot the setting 😋

I really love the Lakota language in Westworld — I really dig Native American.

I'll be upgrading the Tinylytics server today and you should expect 10 minutes downtime.

"Late last week, thanks to Sticker Spotter, I worked on general improvements on handling posts with just images.
Next up I finally enabled a hidden option that allows you to show an image preview on your post list..."

Image previews option and tweaks on the Scribbles Update Blog