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Posts about whatever is on my mind at the time regarding my projects and perhaps some specific topics. Can be updates, release notes and many others.

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Well, happy that the super duper basics of feed subscribing and background fetching works for Sublime Feed. Here is some super basic feed with Manton's and mine posts from the feeds ✌️ So much to do 😅

Asking for the folks that follow me on Mastodon… do you see my new profile picture (as per my website?).

... testing something 😋

My wife stood next to me, and looked at my screen... "How do you see anything? It's all gibberish."

Screenshot of a code editor, with the console open as the application processes the data and displays what it's doing in a verbose way.

Just some minor tweaks to choosing a feed screen for Sublime Feed. It adds what type of feed it is and also does a better job of handling feeds that don't include the hostname (DF for example 😱) — not to mention missing titles (sigh). Anyway, good exercise. Looks nice.

I've got some basic feed fetching and subscribing logic done for Sublime Feed. Looks OK so far. It handles a feed URL and adds a subscription straight away. If it finds multiple feeds it will give you an option to choose it. I might add a "description" also if it exists. Now to grab posts... 😋

Gluon will not be getting an Apple Design Award this year. Oh well.

It’s been nearly 200 days since I last recorded my podcast… well… now I’m at 0 days. Just need to get it ready.

Watching a SpaceX launch never gets old.

Everything rises to the same level of outrage. Even if it's not actually that big of a deal.

— Manton Reece on Episode 600 of Core Int.

Couldn't agree more. Great episode! Lot's of touchy stuff that will surely outrage 😋

I have the urge to work on Gluon, but also aware that I am now paying for a server for Sublime Feed — sigh. What to do today?

If you're using Gluon and have push notifications enabled, please know that I made a mistake many years ago... so you have to go to the app and "re-activate" for your accounts please. If not, it'll be a little quiet until I figure out some migration... but that won't be today.

Ok, for Gluon, if you could reply again then that would be awesome!

I'm testing some push notification tweaks to the way I fetch these on the server for Gluon. If you're interested, I would welcome a reply so I can test it. It all seems to be working nicely, but there is nothing like a real test.

Sometimes I go down a path... and I'm like "yeah, ok, it was good to go here, but let's go back". That's fine. Life is interesting. Don't be afraid to explore, even if it turns out wrong.

Ok, I think the Siri issues have been solved. My wife, for years, since we got married, has a “Wedding” playlist. That comprises over a 1,000 songs. She only has the one playlist. It always worked on the HomePod until recently (a few months). Now it has become clear… it plays a playlist created by Apple with the same name. Frustrating.

Always play user content first!

I wish there was a standalone device, with a screen, that just does Music (streaming is fine)…. Nothing else. Does that exist? Something that would play to Airplay speakers.

Building something of your own isn’t a guarantee of success but I think everyone should try it at least once You’ll think, do, and experience stuff you’ll never otherwise get from just working for someone else

aj, the creator of carrd, on X.

humans have unflattering emotions - anger, frustration, jealousy, etc you can’t claim to be authentic if your entire approach is to always suppress those

Seen this on X.

“We won't be wholesaling out our existing fleet of Apple machines either. But going forward, we'll spend more of our money and attention on platforms that align better with the independence and freedom we so cherish in all other aspects of our business.”

Linux as the new developer default at 37signals

As a user of open source software like Rails, and many others, this really hits. That’s why I’m uncomfortable using very closed systems these days.

When you see a nice app and then... "Built-in ChatGP..." — nope.

Ok, still trying to figure out how I should best go about sharing changelogs for my projects — I think I'll always point you to the sites and RSS feed... and perhaps just a recap every-now-and-then. It felt like a bit too much noise the past few weeks.

So happy to see all those amazing posts on the Scribbles Explore page — some are so very personal and open! Thank you all that write on Scribbles. It gives me hope that there are really great people and content out there.

Homescreen right now. As usual I toggle between Spotify and Apple Music.

Homescreen image showing just 4 apps in the dock, HEY email, Gluon, X and Spotify. There is a background wallpaper of a rocket launch Timelapse showing the trail of the blast into blue skies and beyond.

Don't mind me, just doing a few tests to my blog. This one includes an image. I like testing stuff like this, because it's a snapshot of this point in time.

A screenshot showing a simple blogging interface, with 3 short posts about some personal updates, mainly about gonig to back using Gluon — an app for
A screenshot of the Scribbles interface.